Satirical Saturdays: LeBron James reveals reason he ‘mailed in’ debut Lakers season

Gotta do what ya gotta do.

A swift free agency decision took LeBron James away from his home state Cleveland Cavaliers to the showtime Lakers. Los Angeles proved to be anything but showtime as they finished in 10th place and eight games under .500 in the West after people were expecting a challenging LeBron-led run in the postseason.

President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson then quit abruptly without even telling his “sister” Jeanie Buss, wow.

Somehow, What the Sports has the exclusive inside scoop on why the Lakers were so terrible post-All Star Break.

“You know, people really think I mailed in the rest of the season after I was injured and realized how bad all my teammates were,” said a candid LeBron, “but really I was just behind on Game of Thrones.”


It’s a good thing he’s all caught up now, however, as the final season premieres tomorrow.

“It was Magic’s idea to start watching at first, you know,” LeBron said. “Then I got really into it and started replacing my intense mirror selfie workouts with binging Thrones. I praise the man above for me finishing the first seven seasons when I did. Ya think there gonna be a two on one dragon fight scene?”

Although LeBron seemingly blames himself for switching priorities midseason, Magic still blamed himself and didn’t want the public to know his real reason for resignation.

“I knew he would love binge-watching it when he was sidelined with a few glasses of wine, but I didn’t think this would happen,” Magic said. “I should have known better.”

What many consider the best athlete of all time said he found himself more interested in the many plot lines from the hit HBO series than his play on the court this season. Despite coming back from injury, he opted not to play in the final stretch of games so he could not only “preserve his body”, but also have more time rewatching the earlier seasons to remember everything before Season 8.

LeBron finished the exclusive interview saying he is rooting for Bran Stark to take the Iron Throne, saying his three-eyed raven characteristics remind of him of himself on the basketball court.

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