NBA legends who can help their team’s playoff chances

Playoff time, baby!

After months of a writing hiatus, I’m back with the content you’ve all been starving for. In my first article back for What the Sports, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite WTS pieces, which was about bringing back Premier League legends back to their clubs in the primes of their careers. Continuing such a great idea, I thought it’d be riveting to write about NBA legends to gear up for the opening day of playoff games tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are 16 NBA legends who could greatly enhance their team’s chances this postseason.

Eastern Conference

Milwaukee Bucks ~ Oscar Robertson

Although former ROY Malcolm Brogdon and veteran George Hill are serviceable from the point guard spot – especially with the bulldozing master that is Giannis – the Big O could alleviate some of the Greek Freak’s workload with his all around style. His ability to get rebounds and get out and run, not to mention his great court vision, complements the surrounding cast of three-point shooters and perimeter defenders superbly.

Toronto Raptors ~ DeMar DeRozan

The franchise’s all-time leading scorer would make the Raptors starting five much scarier. Lowry, DeRozan, Kawhi, Ibaka and Gasol…watch out Warriors.

Philadelphia 76ers ~ Allen Iverson

Didn’t need think too hard on this one. With a starting lineup really only outmatched by Golden State, A.I. would replace Reddick in the backcourt. Although Julius Erving would have been an exciting option, I think the process needs The Answer more than a Doc for the playoffs (even if Philly’s medical staff stinks).

Boston Celtics ~ Kevin Garnett

I still think this team has the most talented bunch in the East, yet that seems to have subsided due to some clashing egos in the locker room and uncertainty around Kyrie’s looming free agency. Only KG’s ferocious leadership could fix that.


Indiana Pacers ~ Reggie Miller

Nothing like bringing in one of the clutchest shooters and most entertaining playoff performers in at shooting guard when your star is out. Picture their chances if Oladipo wasn’t injured.

Brooklyn Nets ~ Vince Carter

New Jersey Vince Carter could jump out of the gym, and he was smarter and a better shooter than his Toronto days. His athleticism could spur an already uber-athletic group of wings to do some damage in the postseason.

Orlando Magic ~ Hedo Turkoglu


I mean, who wouldn’t want to see good old Turkoglu bringing the ball up the court like his point forward days during the Orlando’s magical run to the Finals? His cerebral reading of the game could be a nice change of pace for Magic fans used to quite the opposite.

Detroit Pistons ~ Chauncey Billups

Prime Chauncey is a substantial upgrade over Reggie Jackson, and his experience and poise could help steady a young squad down the stretch of games.

Western Conference

Golden State Warriors ~ Chris Mullin

Trading the “Strength in Numbers” mantra for possibly the best starting lineup of all time, Mullin would provide excellent bench production. His smooth lefty touch and control would work great in a pass-friendly offensive system.

Denver Nuggets ~ Alex English

One of the smoothest small forwards of all time, English could make up for a lack of athleticism from players like Jokic and Millsap when it matters most.

Portland Trail Blazers ~ Clyde Drexler


Clyde the Glide would make a terrifying Dame-CJ-Cyde triple threat on offense, while his defense could be a major difference as well.

Houston Rockets ~ Hakeem Olajuwon

Clint Capela is great and all for the run-and-gun, distance shooting offense the Rockets employ, but having Hakeem the Dream in there would be super exciting. Just imagine CP3 and likely 2019 MVP The Beard throwing it down in the post to Olajuwon.


Utah Jazz ~ Karl Malone

They’ve already got Rubio playing the Stockton role, and the Spaniard has done well to make things work alongside Donovan Mitchell. Thus, the league’s second-leading scorer of all time would be a major glow up (as the kids say these days) over the steady but unremarkable Derrick Favors.

Oklahoma City Thunder ~ Kevin Durant

Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Okay, Durant on the Thunder would probably be a slight upgrade over Jerami Grant in the starting five.

San Antonio Spurs ~ Tim Duncan

Duncan helped the Spurs click for his entire career, and his calming demeanor will be needed if the Spurs want to do more than just upset the Nuggets in a stacked West.

LA Clippers ~ Chris Paul

Paul would bring added class and quality to a young starting lineup that relied ony Lou Williams off the bench for large chunks of the year.


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