Sunday Scaries Series: Vol. III

More symptoms rise.

The Sunday Scaries can be contracted in multiple forms. This week, Twitter was the cause for some unlikely victims.

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith, co-host of First Take on ESPN, has had a rough end of the year. Smith is known for his hot takes and dramatic persona, but the first sign of Sunday Scaries is fatigue. It seemed as though Smith was tired at the Lomencheko vs. Pedraza boxing match earlier this month, as documented by Twitter.

Later on this month, his Sunday Scaries worsened. Another common symptom, memory loss, struck Smith mid-show as he spoke on the LA Chargers and forgot some key pieces of information.


The virus resurfaced as Smith came under heavy fire on Twitter for a questionable take on Josh Gordon stepping down from the NFL again for mental health reasons.

Hopefully Smith has a quality doctor who can correctly diagnose and treat Sunday Scaries before it becomes chronic.

New Jersey High School Wrestling Referee

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. A high school wrestling referee in southern New Jersey caught the Sunday Scaries, and it might be terminal – to his career. The referee wrongly forced a wrestler to either forfeit a match-deciding bout or cut his dreadlocks off. The wrestler chose to cut his hair and ended up winning the bout and the match for his team. The story went viral on Twitter and the referee was scrutinized for racist motivation.

The New Jersey wrestling rules require a wrestler with long hair wear a hairnet that attaches to the head gear during a match. As a former New Jersey wrestler with long hair, I had never been questioned or forced to cut my hair, even when I forgot my hairnet during a tournament. It’s likely this referee will never recover from this case of the Sunday Scaries.

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