A measured and unbiased reflection on the 2018 Red Sox

A reminder that the Red Sox are World Champs and your team is not.

Wow. Just wow.

This is the the fourth World Series title for the Red Sox in my lifetime, yet this one feels different. 2004 was about exorcising demons. 2007 was pinching ourselves and making sure it was real. 2013 was a team playing out of their minds for a city that badly needed a win.

But this year was different. The 2018 Red Sox were a team that simply kicked the crap out of the rest of the league and then rubbed their noses in it. The 2007 Red Sox dominated from wire to wire, but they didn’t do it with the swagger this team had.

Aaron Judge tried to troll us in the ALDS, so we played his song after we knocked his team out. Alex Bregman tried to troll us in the ALCS, and we dominated his team and David Price screamed at him from our dugout. Manny Machado offended us with his very presence in the World Series, so we shut him down and made him look foolish when he struck out to end the series.

This team dominated the regular season from start to finish. They had the two best players in the league and role players who seemed to be on some sort of hot-streak rotation. Still, people seemed to think that they were vulnerable in the playoffs, picking the Yankees over them.

Then, the weirdest thing happened. The best team in the league played well. It was so strange because I could have sworn that the No. 2 starter lost the ability to throw a baseball in October and the bullpen was the worst thing to happen to Boston since the molasses flood.

But David Price pitched like an ace. And the bullpen shut people down. And sure, JD and Mookie were mediocre, but the rest of the team played out of their minds and picked up the slack. Jackie Bradley Jr. had his annual two-week godly streak in the playoffs. Brock Holt hit for the freaking cycle. And Steve Pearce single-handedly crushed the dreams of Los Angeles.

After the 18-inning loss, I’ll admit that for a minute I was worried. But I forgot the No. 1 rule of being a 2018 Red Sox fan: never question Alex Cora. Ever. If Cora says jump, you don’t even ask how high, you jump as high as you can and ask questions after you’re the world champions.

The damage is done. The greatest team in Red Sox history has concluded. Now let’s get ready for the Super Bowl.


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