El mejor y El peor: A La Liga recap…El Clásico Edition

A recap of this weekend's El Clásico, which took all the headlines of La Liga's Matchday 10.

Welcome to the fourth edition of El mejor y El peor: A La Liga recap, where we will look at the best and worst of this weekend’s El Clásico.

Game of the week: El Clásico

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Final Score: Real Madrid 1 – 5 Barcelona 

What a terrible, terrible display of football from Real Madrid. Like seriously awful. Barcelona, on the other hand, played one of the best games I have ever seen. Every single player on the field looked dangerous. Real Madrid’s backline looked scared and under pressure the entire game due to Barca’s expert pressing. Luis Suarez played like he was in training, and Coutinho filled the Messi void as well as anyone could. Dembélé came off the bench in the 74th minute and got an assist 10 minutes later to Vidal. World class game from Barcelona, trash game for Real Madrid.

90 Minute Nap: El Clásico, from a Real Madrid fan’s perspective

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Final score: Real Madrid A Little: Barcelona A Lot

Real Madrid’s lone goal came in the 50th minute from Marcelo. Those first 50 minutes contained absolutely no chances for the Madridistas, and the last 40 contained a missed header and a shot off the post from Modric. The backline looked lost in Barcelona’s press, and silencing Real’s Croatian superstar midfielder all game. Bale made a few dangerous runs and some prayer shots on goal, but did not really threaten Barcelona’s net very much; nor did any of Real Madrid’s other forwards.

When Barcelona opened the floodgates in the 75th minute, scoring three goals in the final 15 minutes of the game, I wasn’t even angry. I just despairingly turned off the TV, and literally took a nap. A sad, sad nap.

Goal of the Week: Luis Suarez

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Final Score: Real Madrid 1 – 5 Barcelona

Luis Suarez’s header (55 seconds) in the 75th minute was an absolute beauty. It came from almost 18 yards out, and Courtois had absolutely no chance. Real Madrid was threatening to tie the game before this point, but this Suarez goal opened the floodgates and put the game out of reach for Madrid.

Worst Goal of the Week: Marcelo

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Final Score: Real Madrid 1 – 5 Barcelona

Real Madrid’s only goal came from Marcelo this week, again. C’mon guys. Two La Liga games in a row and two goals for your LEFT BACK. Somehow, the Brazilian found himself in the middle of the box, which is a little bit out of position for a left back. This (35 seconds) goal came from a messy attempt at clearing the ball from the Blaugranes, and Marcelo found the ball at his feet with a shot on goal. All of Barcelona’s goals were beautiful; this goal was anything but aesthetically pleasing.

FIFA in real life: Ramos/Modric/Suarez/Benzema

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Final Score: Real Madrid 1 – 5 Barcelona

Sometimes, in FIFA, it seems like they put a lid on the goal for a few minutes; this is exactly what happened for a five minute stretch (46 seconds) in the second half of El Clasico.

In the 56th minute, Luka Modric got a shot on goal and proceeded to smash it off the post. This chance came the minute after Sergio Ramos missed out on scoring a header that he usually scores. Not five minutes later, on the other side of the field, Suarez receives a cross from Ivan Rakitic and smashes it off the post as well. And finally, Benzema hits an open header right over the post in the 68th minute. The sequence had Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans alike sitting with their faces in their hands.

Almost Goal of the Week: Arthur of Barcelona

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Final Score: Real Madrid 1 – 5 Barcelona

Arthur’s shot from right outside the box would have easily been goal of the game, had it gone in. This miss of the week came from the save of the season thus far from Courtois. This curling ball toward the top right was expertly slapped away from the Belgian goalkeeper, preventing another Barca goal for the time being.

El jugador de la semana: Luis Suarez

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Final Score: Real Madrid 1 – 5 Barcelona

“Aww, he’s so sweet! He wore a shirt with his newborn baby on it!”

Well, he also bites people. And scores a lot of goals against Real Madrid. It took Suarez roughly half the games to get to nine goals in El Clasico than it took Cristiano Ronaldo. Luis Suarez’s hat trick in this year’s El Clasico was a masterclass. He put a penalty in the side netting of the bottom left corner, finished a 17 yard powerful header, and cheekily chipped Courtois. Real Madrid’s backline could not handle the Uruguayan forward; it was vintage Suarez.

He still bites people though.

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