Where does Patrick Mahomes rank amongst the 2018 New York Mets roster?

Photo courtesy of  Kansas City Star

For those who did not see, Patrick Mahomes rocked his dad’s Mets’ jersey last night as he headed to the locker room before his Sunday night matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Mahomes would proceed to light up the Bengals defense Sunday night, passing for 358 yards and 4 touchdowns en route to a 45-10 victory for the Kansas City Chiefs. With the arm accuracy the quarterback has shown, one would think he could do pretty well in the MLB.

And as a miserable New York Mets fan who hasn’t watched a meaningful baseball game since the 2016 NL Wild Card game (Conor Gillaspie, kick rocks), I have decided to see where Mahomes would fit in with this dysfunctional franchise.

For those who did not follow along (A.K.A normal, well-functioning human beings), the Mets finished the 2018 season eight games under .500, and 13 games out of first place in the NL East. Asdrubal Cabrera finished with the highest batting average (.277) and slugging percentage (.488) on the team, despite being dealt to Philadelphia before the trade deadline.

One of the biggest stories of the season was from star pitcher Noah Syndergaard, and it wasn’t any feat from the pitching rubber, but rather the discovery of hand, foot and mouth disease – an affliction I still don’t believe is real, which landed him on the disabled list.  

They also gave up 25 runs (yes 25! Like five-times-five-equals-25 25, in ONE GAME!) against the Washington Nationals back in early August, which were the most runs allowed in a single ballgame in 11 years.

And you might say, “Oh James, this team is terrible. They were out of it by mid-June, you certainly couldn’t have watched any more games after that?” Wrong. Here’s what I watched on one of my final nights of summer (Reminder: both teams were miles out of playoff contention at this point):  

Oh, and there’s Tim Tebow too.

Now that I’m done venting, here’s my official Patrick Mahomes MLB scouting report:

PROS: Strong arm, dad played baseball, hasn’t been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease.

CONS: Has never played a game of professional or minor league baseball

Looking at the facts presented, I have Mahomes slated as the second-best baseball player to wear a Mets jersey this year, behind (soon-to-be) NL Cy Young Jacob deGrom. If Patrick puts in little work on his curveball, we could revisit this conversation in the future.

James is a broadcast journalism major at the University of Maryland. He broadcasts and hosts talk shows for WMUC Sports, beat writes for The Left Bench, reports for the Beltway Bulletin and blogs for What The Sports.

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