The Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Is Back

And I couldn't be happier.

Yesterday I woke up in the best mood of my entire life. I opened my door and created a playlist that consisting of four songs: “Theme From New York New York,” “Dirty Water,” “Tessie” and “Sweet Caroline”. These are the songs that represent not only the success of the Red Sox, but the demise of the New York Yankees. I blasted this playlist as loud as I could all day long.

In beating the New York Yankees, the Red Sox completed an important step on their quest for a ninth World Series Championship. But this win meant so much more. The rebirth of an ancient rivalry created hype and intensity for two teams and fan bases that were starving to meet in October for the first time since 2004. To the Red Sox and their fans, this win was more than just an advancement to the ALCS, it was a championship of its own.

They won the rivalry, a rivalry that spans generations. A rivalry started by the sale of Babe Ruth for cash, that would fund Harry Frazee’s production of a musical by the name of No No Nanette. A rivalry that includes multiple brawls, from Carlton Fisk and Thurman Munson to Varitek and A-Rod. This is the rivalry that saw the Red Sox break a curse and come back from 3-0 in the greatest comeback in sports history. Now, it is fueled by Joe Kelly plunking Tyler Austin, and Aaron Judge playing “Theme From New York New York” as he passed the Red Sox clubhouse on Saturday night. Boy did that come back to bite him.  

Are the Red Sox in trouble in their upcoming series against the defending champion Astros? Maybe, but at least for now, Red Sox nation will rejoice and celebrate. We wanted this one, we needed this one, and if we lose to the Astros that will hurt. But we beat the goddamn Yankees in a playoff series. For Red Sox fans like me, the Yankees are the thing we hate most on this Earth, and beating them is sweeter than sweet.

So until first pitch on Saturday, Red Sox fans will be on a high and despite the outcome of the rest of the postseason this will be one to remember. We won the rivalry and watching Yankee fans deal with it has been the most fun of it all. I will end with a saying that is near and dear to every die-hard Red Sox fans heart – “Yankees Suck.”

2 comments on “The Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Is Back

  1. Hunter King

    This is the best article I have ever read.

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  2. James keating

    Great job Mr.Kearns! Really enjoyed reading this, can’t wait to read more of your intelligent work!

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