Josh Gordon traded to the Patriots: ways to maximize his potential

Yesterday the Browns traded Josh Gordon to the Patriots, here are the ways they can maximize his potential.

The Cleveland Browns were not going to let Josh Gordon walk without getting anything in return for him. Plenty of teams were interested, but general manager John Dorsey traded Gordon to the Patriots for a conditional fifth round pick. The pick will be later if he doesn’t play at least 10 games.

Gordon’s talent is undeniable. His size and strength make him a matchup nightmare for just about any opposing cornerback in the league, but he’s had numerous drug relapses. There are plenty of solutions that can allow Gordon and Brady to maximize their potential together.

Option No. 1: TB12 Diet

Brady is 41 years old and still manages to stay in peak shape. Much of the reason that Brady stays healthy can be attributed to the TB12 diet. Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero, has come up with a diet and supplement routine which Brady has used for years now. Earlier this offseason, it was reported that Guerrero was no longer allowed at the team facility because of a rift with coach Bill Belichick.

A perfect solution to keeping Gordon healthy while also making sure he “stays off the weed” is providing Gordon with the TB12 diet plan. Imitating Brady’s diet and having the two share their meals at the facility together is a great way to build chemistry and follow the routine.

While it will be tough for Belichick to allow this, keeping Gordon at 100 percent is top priority, giving Brady another weapon to tear apart opposing defenses. Gordon and Rob Gronkowski on the same field at full health is a nightmare for opposing defenses to game plan against.

Gordon was one of the best receivers in the league with Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden throwing him in the ball. Imagine what he could do with a eight-time Super Bowl champ as his QB.


Option No. 2: Hanging out with Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is known for his distinct voice and never-ending vocabulary. Hearing how numerous NFL players have been suspended for drug-related offenses has really frustrated the ESPN commentator. As a result, Smith has plead with NFL players numerous times to, STAY OFF THE WEED!!

A perfect way for the Patriots to prevent a relapse is allowing Gordon to hangout with Smith for a while. Smith would have a field day talking his ear off and imploring Gordon to no longer waste his talents.

Smith would have a great time, while it would be extremely annoying for Gordon. As a result of the constant annoyance, he might concede to stop smoking pot. This may seem crazy, but nothing else has seemed to get to Gordon’s head, why not try something out of the box?

Option No. 3: Listening to Jarvis Landry’s Speech on Repeat

Jarvis Landry’s speech to his teammates on Hard Knocks during the offseason was seen all throughout the sports world. Everyone was commending Landry for the speech’s purpose to change the culture in the wide receiver room. The main point of the speech focused on how players need to get over their injuries and continue to practice.

When Gordon arrives to New England, he should remember Landry’s words in the back of his mind everyday. This should be great motivation to go out there and perform proving those doubters throughout the league wrong. Gordon has not been able to consistently showcase his talents since 2014, and this new opportunity is a perfect way to make up for lost time.

Gordon is in a very fortunate position to have a fresh start with a new team and keeping these ideas in mind will give him a chance to truly fulfill his potential.

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