The Tampa Bay Rays will make the AL Wild Card Game

That's a bold strategy, Kevin. Let's hope it pays off for them.

I’m baaaaaaaaaack.

You heard me right. I’m not taking back what I said in that title, on social media, or publicly.

The Tampa Bay Rays will make the AL Wild Card Game.

Yes, that Tampa Bay Rays team that everyone thought was going to lose 100 games after trading half their team over the last year and a plethora of other reasons I’ve already discussed.

Yeah, that Rays team that now has a AL Cy Young candidate in Blake Snell, the smartest manager, best front office, best minor league system as well as the most passionate fans in baseball that you wouldn’t know about.

I would know, I’m one of them.

The Rays are 74-63, 11 games over .500 – their highest point in years, with a starting rotation of two pitchers and arguably the best young talent in the MLB.

None of this makes sense. Good. That’s how we like it down in the bay.

Sure, the Rays traded away Chris Archer at the deadline. Cool. He never developed into an ace anyways, and the Pirates got fleeced for him, getting a quality starting pitcher, MLB-ready outfielder, and their fourth-best prospect, all for a guy who had a career 54-68 record and 3.69 ERA with the Rays.

Tampa also has Tommy Pham, a power outfielder plus a glove and arm, Michael Perez, a young catcher with promise in Brian Shaffer, a starting pitching prospect with a developing arsenal of pitches, among some other players.

And the Rays’ youth. OH DAMN. Jake Bauers, Willy Adames, Christian Arroyo, Brandon Lowe, Joey Wendle (GOAT), Nick Ciuffo… THE RAYS ARE SO GOOD OH MY GOD.

Bruh, all you people sleeping on the Rays, wake the hell up because the Rays are going to make history, again. Remember 2011? This is part two.

The Rays are on track for our first winning season since 2013. If that doesn’t say anything, I don’t know what does because this team is for real and they are only going to get better because that filthy farm system.

Plus, we gettin back Brent Honeywell next year. Oh man, the Trop will be hoppin.

In short, all I have to say to you, the loyal reader, is a simple, two-word phrase that will take over the MLB.

Rays Up.

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