What should Odell Beckham Jr. buy with all of his new money?

He got his money, now what?

After months of not knowing whether a new contract would be signed, Odell Beckham Jr. has finally signed a new deal making him the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. Yesterday, Beckham signed a five-year $95 million contract, with $65 million guaranteed. Beckham was ecstatic after signing the deal and so were his teammates, after hearing rumors of the deal on social media. Now with all of this money, what new things should he add to his already extensive arsenal?

Item No. 1 – Crown

Ever since his days at LSU with Jarvis Landry and Jeremy Hill, Beckham had a slogan to describe himself and teammates at the time: royalty. Signing this long and lucrative contract means the chances of the college teammates joining forces again are minimal. Why not reminisce back to the golden days of college to recreate the royal image?

There are already plenty of people who question Beckham’s character, so giving into the haters could show them just how far he has come. The use of this word comes from Beckham overcoming challenges in his life and showing that nothing will hold him down, regardless of who or what it comes from.

OBJ has already proved all the doubters wrong, now he just needs the jewels to complete his rise to potential king of the NFL.

Item No. 2 – “The Catch” Photo

The greatest catch anyone has ever seen sent shockwaves throughout the world and put Odell on the map. On November 23, 2014, the whole sports world marveled at Beckham’s outstanding extension over Brandon Carr, not knowing how he pulled off the miraculous catch.

Everything from shirts to posters were made recreating this outstanding catch, and Beckham’s career would never be the same from that moment on. Giant fans were enamored by his affinity for tough catches and his career skyrocketed from that single play. As a debt of gratitude to Carr for providing him an opportunity to change the whole complexion of his career, Beckham should purchase a framed photo of Carr.

It accomplishes two important goals, first providing Beckham a constant reminder of that outstanding moment, while further embarrassing a rival cornerback whose career has not been the same since.

Item No. 3 – A Yacht

The character questions about Beckham increased quickly after he was seen hanging out on a boat in Miami with the other starting wide receivers the week before a playoff game against the Green Bay Packers in 2016. Beckham had a rough game dropping numerous passes in the cold and many attributed the struggles to the boat trip. Critics cited a lack of focus before such an important game.

While it is still a sore subject for Beckham, becoming the highest paid receiver in the league calls for some sort of celebration. There is a perfect solution for Beckham. Purchase a massive yacht and dock it at a local marina, eliminating the need to travel far to party. Why go all the way to Miami to party on a yacht, with a great waterfront view of one of the greatest cities in the world?

If it’s anything similar to their reactions in the locker room, his teammates will certainly have no objection to celebrating on the yacht. Now is a perfect time to purchase it so that everyone can get out their wild partying before the season starts.

The ball is in your court now Odell, but purchasing these three items would be a great way to culminate a long road to becoming the highest paid receiver.


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