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Satirical Saturdays: bandwagon sales increase in Turin and Los Angeles

Must be some new stars in town!

Bandwagon sales have increased in major cities across the world, namely Los Angeles and Turin, a recent ESPN fan poll confirmed.

This shocking spike comes a month after LeBron James betrayed his hometown completed a high profile switch to the Los Angeles Lakers, and Cristiano Ronaldo made a financially motivated decision to sign for Juventus.

The increase is good news for two cities who have struggled to sell tickets in recent years. What links the two is unknown, but twitter user @cr15tian0lov3r_7 admits that weather conditions could have an impact: “It’s so much warmer in Turin than Madrid, especially this summer. It’s nice for fans to be able to buy a bandwagon with all their friends and move everything- including their sporting allegiance- to a brand new city.”

Omaha, Nebraska resident John Smith agreed, saying “The LA sunshine is pretty nice. I’ve always been such a big Laker fan, man. When LeBron signed, I bought a new bandwagon. It fits between three to six people. It really reminds me of when Kobe, MJ and Kareem all played together.”

In accordance with sales, Cristiano and LeBron have mutually agreed to “try their hardest” for teams that will likely not win anything major within the next five years. Both have also pledged to not start looking at other career options until they are at least six months into their current contracts.

Bandwagon sales are a perplexing and fascinating subject to most economists. They seem to pop up in major cities once every few years, and often stick around in accordance with success of local sports teams, staying on a per-championship-won basis. There have been many over the last 10 years. The great Madrid shortage of 2009, the Golden State shambles of 2016, and the annual winter spike in New England are three intriguing cases. The reason for the spikes remains elusive. While there are patterns, no causation can be determined to link them all. Thus, Turin and Los Angeles remain as two unsolved cases to add to the list.

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