The Rays have officially broken me.

So this is what an existential crisis feels like...

Oh my god, the Rays won another series against the Yankees. We’re now 6-6 against them for the season and 5-1 at home.

Tropicana Field should be considered the Yankees’ house of horrors. 33-47 since 2010 at the Trop.

Tampa Bay is now two games above .500, going into a weekend series at Baltimore. Can’t wait to be six games over .500 on Monday…*record scratch*

You might be thinking, the Orioles suck and the Rays are good. Didn’t the Rays dismantle them over the weekend?

This is when I tell you that baseball, while rewarding, is a cruel, cruel game.

Coming into the weekend, the O’s were over 40 games under .500, nine losses away from clinching a losing record for the season, and hadn’t won 30 games into late July.

So, what happened?

The Orioles outscored the Rays 40-16 as they cruised to a series win, taking three of four. The Rays gave up 10 or more runs in the three straight games TO THE (now second-) WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL.

This was the second time all season that the Orioles won three or more games in a row. The O’s have also lost three or more games in a row 10 times this season.

It was so bad, I’m refusing to recap any of it because of the immense pain I will feel. However, they did manage to have two position players pitch in the same game and same inning, but one of them, Carlos Gomez, did this…

I give up. This team make no sense. The baseball gods have been unkind to me.

To make things worse, the Rays literally have a one-man starting rotation because everyone else has been traded or got injured.

If the team starts playing well, they go into a slump and vice versa, but it’s an equal distribution. The Rays are eh, and they’re gonna stay that way until they move, grow, make money or build that new stadium with the Metrodome roof thingy.

Don’t even sell off the team. That’s how this all started. The David Price trade in 2014 started this. The Rays were in playoff contention, but after that trade, they’ve been anything but.

However, if you’re gonna make a move, like I don’t know, trading Chris Archer, make it now, get a good package back, and don’t, and I mean don’t trade him to the Yankees.

The Rays front office is just devising a plan for long-term mediocrity. Rays fans will suffer in this purgatory forever and no one will come to help them. They are in hell.

Twenty years of joy and celebration, amirite?

Rays Up.


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