Live Blog: MLB Trade Deadline

Let's get nuts.

Contributions from Ryan Homler, Alex Murphy, and other WTS staff

Finally, the most hectic few hours of the MLB season are upon us. Though the trades have already ramped up during the past week or so, today promises to have plenty of speculation and intrigue.

We’ll have this blog updated constantly throughout the day as rumors, trades and reactions come in. The best part? It’s over by 4 p.m.! Forget staying up late, we’ll have this wrapped up before dinner time.

Anyways, check below for all of the action from this Tuesday. There will be nothing on trades prior to today, because you already know about them. The most recent news will be at the top.

It’s past 4:00 EST. The MLB Trade Deadline is officially over

Wow, that last hour was crazy. Definitely one of the best trade deadlines in recent years. Lots of big name players moved, highlighted by Chris Archer, Jonathan Schoop, Wilson Ramos and Brian Dozier among others. There were many teams that emerged winners at the deadline, but other trades will come through and the waiver deadline is in August, so there will definitely be more action before the season’s end. So, with that being said, we hope you enjoyed coming along with us for the ride and we shall see what the rest of the year brings.

Kind of random Trade Alert: Indians and Cardinals make a deal

The replies to this tweet say it all.

Schoop Trade Update: Orioles get three players in return, including Villar

The Orioles have received seven players from two trades today. The fire sale might be over or still on, but they definitely have more than a few pieces to work with for the future.

Trade Alert Update: O’s Gausman and O’Day dealt to Atlanta in six-player deal

This looks to be the finalized deal, but the Orioles are trading away two former gems to Atlanta for a sizable return of what seems to be prospects for two good pieces that will help down the stretch, a starting pitcher and reliever.

Chris Archer-level Trade Alert: Orioles trade 2B Jonathan Schoop to Brewers

Wow. The Orioles managed to keep the aging Adam Jones, but decided to trade away the young All-Star Schoop. Boom fire sale.

UN-TRADE NEWS: Mike Fiers not going to Athletics

The trade of SP Mike Fiers from Detroit to Oakland as we reported earlier has not happened. I guess something broke down in the process, but Fiers will stay in Detroit.

Reaction to Archer Trade (Alex)

I need a moment. Please give me a second to take all of this Rays trade stuff in. Everyone is telling me all this stuff about young players with bright futures and how we could have this great of a rotation in a few years. That’s great and all, but in the back of my mind, I’m scared none of this works out. People are all hype about who we got and how the Rays did the best of any team at the trade deadline, but these are all players to take risks on.

I mean, in it’s most basic form, that is baseball, taking risks on players, but I don’t want any of this to come crashing down on the Rays. I can’t take being made fun of any more for being a Rays fan. I want this team to be the World Series favorite every year and win 100+ games, but I will try to be as hopeful as possible for these players and hopefully, it will all work out like the Rays want it to.

Trade Alert: John Axford to the Dodgers

LA adds some bullpen depth. Please don’t let this be how today ends.

Average Trade Alert: Diekman to the Diamondbacks

They’ve got a lot of arms out in Arizona now!

Report: Orioles potentially shopping Schoop

The fire sale for the O’s continues. As for the Brewers, this is a big potential move. Schoop is an All-Star caliber player. With a crowded infield already, could he potentially make the move to SS?

Earth-shattering Trade Alert: Chris Archer to the Pirates!

HOW ABOUT THE PIRATES?? From nothing to Chris Archer in a few weeks. A bold move by them and I like it. Shows the players you think this team can win. Meadows and Glasnow may not be players you want to lose, but the Pirates seem confident. And, Archer can stay a Pirate for a long time. Watch out, NL.

Trade Alert: Twins trade 2B Brian Dozier to Dodgers

Really good under the radar trade for a guy who can play defense and hit home runs. The Dodgers can only benefit from more offense.

Logan Forsythe is included in the deal, so 2B for 2B, plus two prospects. Good trade for Los Angeles.

Trade Alert: Orioles trade SP Kevin Gausman to Braves

The Braves finally have a starting pitcher. Probably not the one they wanted, but a starting pitcher still.

Trade Alert: Tigers trade SP Mike Fiers to Athletics

Good move for starting pitching going into the stretch run for the playoffs

Report: Pirates trade offer for reported Archer deal on table

Wish it was a better return, but it’s good. Also, why are the Pirates so aggressive now?

Report: Braves now hot on Gausman and Brewers favorites to land Harvey

The NL needs some starting pitching.

Reaction to Ramos Trade (Alex)

Terrible trade. The Rays got nothing out of it, and for an All-Star, a player who was chosen to start the 2018 All-Star Game. If the Phillies let Alfaro develop, they wouldn’t need Ramos. Who knows if he will. It’s a rental for the Phillies, who won’t resign him in the offseason, and an awful return for the Rays, who are trying to build up their farm system. They couldn’t find any ways to get a top-20 prospect? The trade literally didn’t make sense for either team, but ok.

Report: Pirates favorite to land Archer

Cubs fan in me: Just not the Brewers, just not the Brewers.

Also, the Cubs fan in me: Wait, not the Pirates either!

Rational baseball fan in me: Damn, go Pirates go.

Trade Alert: Kintzler is now a Cub

A solid bullpen arm with some control makes this a solid move for Chicago. Will it be their last? (Please no).

Report: Cubs closing in on Kintzler

As a Cubs fan I guess this is cool? Kintzler was a stud last year and a solid bullpen arm to add to a team that needs all the arms it can get. But, GIVE ME A DAMN STARTER!

BIG TRADE ALERT: Wilson Ramos is headed to Philly

This is huge! I wish Alex could have reported this one as it is his two favorite teams, but wow! Ramos is an All-Star and gives an already good Phillies team the extra push needed for a playoff run.

Also, is this a deal that was put in place to also get Chris Archer? Hmm…

Report: Rays’ Hechavarria could be included with Wilson Ramos in possible deal with Phillies

This would be an upgrade for the Phillies at shortshop and catcher both defensively and offensively. It would give Scott Kingery and Jorge Alfaro more time to develop, or the Phillies could just deal them away if they feel that they aren’t what the team needs moving forward, though Hech and Buffalo would definitely be rentals for a playoff run.

Trade Alert: Cameron Maybin to the Mariners

Cameron Maybin now joins his 600th team in the past two seasons. Good news for the Mariners, he was traded at the deadline last year and ended up a World Series champ.

Report: Several teams interested in Orioles’ Kevin Gausman

Not surprising. Gausman’s name has been on the market for some time now, and it’s about time for the Orioles to trade him since they are going nowhere this year.

Report: Orioles close on making a deal, unknown players to be included

FIRE SALE! FIRE SALE! It’s too easy to make these jokes, it really is.

Report: Marlins close to trading OF Cameron Maybin


Report: Blue Jays checking on interest for veteran relievers Axford, Clippard

This doesn’t mean much other than the Blue Jays are hoping to unload these two guys at the deadline, which is over in an hour and a half.

Report: Trade for Mets’ Zack Wheeler ‘increasingly unlikely’

Another Mets starting pitcher seems to be off the market as the team hasn’t found the right offers yet for the right-handed Wheeler. He is still young and under contract until 2020. He is arbitration-eligible come 2019, but I don’t think he really has the numbers to get any more money. Teams that are interested in him haven’t posted offers good enough for the Mets, so it looks like he’s staying in Queens.

BREAKING: Andrew McCutchen in lineup tonight v. Padres

It’s pretty much set in stone now that Cutch will be staying on the Giants for the time being, at least until the waiver deadline in August.

Report: Angels drawing interest for Jose Alvarez and Blake Parker

Despite both relievers having an ERA over 3.00, they both have ERA’s higher than 125. Parkers strikeouts per nine innings is at 10.2 this season and Alvarez has been a durable arm for the Halos, appearing in 54 games this season. Teams haven’t been named who are expressing interest, but it is there.

Report: Athletics now among teams pursuing Padres’ Craig Stammen

The right-handed reliever has had a bounce-back season. Stammen is currently at his second-highest ERA+, 156, for a full season in his career. Even at age 34, he is a major asset for teams looking to push for the postseason, like the Athletics, who are trailing the Mariners for the second AL Wild Card.

Report: The same teams are still after Rays’ Chris Archer

Whoever will get the right-hander, if he is traded, will definitely give the Rays a bigger return than previously expected with so many teams in the mix desperate for starting pitching. All NL teams as of now, but sources indicate that the Rays are playing this entire situation into their hands.

Report: Braves most aggressive team after Reds’ Matt Harvey

The Braves now are major players for two different starting pitchers. Harvey seems like the easier guy to get because he is injury-prone and no where near his 2013-2015 self. Harvey has garnered much less interest from teams, so it should be easy for the Braves to work out a simple deal for the right-hander.

Report: Marlins talking to teams about trading Derek Dietrich and Justin Bour

Oh man, Marlins fans literally will have no one to cheer for. This is so bad. This is worse than Loria bad.

Report: Braves current favorites for Rays’ Chris Archer

This literally means nothing because Archer has been on the trade block for the past few years and he hasn’t gone anywhere. The Braves do need starting pitching, but I would love it if the Rays could steal Nick Markakis from them. It’s not going to happen, but some top-level prospects, like two top-10 prospects would be acceptable.

Report: Phillies and Rays ‘deep into talks’ for Wilson Ramos deal

The Phillies were really never in this conversation before because they have two catchers they are currently platooning right now: Andrew Knapp and Jorge Alfaro. They don’t need Ramos. They are going to waste prospects for Ramos if they get him. However, this would all be different if they were in talks for Chris Archer. That would make much sense.

Report: Nationals calling off Harper trades could be impactful in offseason

Don’t be surprised if the Nationals throw big money at Harper now that GM Mike Rizzo shut down any trade rumors about Harper going before the trade deadline. It was all a trap that baseball fans fell for.

Trade Alert: Diamondbacks to get Brad Ziegler

The 38-year-old reliever is back in Arizona, where he spent the parts of six seasons with the Diamondbacks. Ziegler provides help in the back of the bullpen, which the D-Backs desperately need since they’ve fallen to second place in the NL West behind the surging Dodgers. They are only 0.5 games back of the division lead though, so they haven’t imploded, but this will help big time.

Report: Giants’ Andrew McCutchen not likely to be traded, per team official

Bad news for fans of teams who were pursuing McCutchen as a viable veteran outfield presence who still is an above-average player. Offensive numbers are down this year because he’s playing in San Francisco, where 75 degrees in the summer feels like Death Valley.

Trade Alert: Leonys Martin to the Indians

Well, he’s not Billy Hamilton. Maybe the Indians still go for him, but Martin is still a strong acquisition. He brings speed and defense to an outfield that needed some depth.

Report: Reds want Matt Harvey out of Cincinnati

Harvey lasted two months with the Reds and they already got sick of him. That must be a new record.

Trade Alert: Brad Ziegler traded, I think


Report: Marlins’ Brad Ziegler expected to be traded today, but not yet

All six of these teams are in playoff contention and could use bullpen help. Ziegler is looking to be a rental for a deep October run somewhere. The Yankees and Indians seem the most unlikely, after acquiring bullpen arms already, and the Astros got Roberto Osuna from the Blue Jays today, who is currently under suspension from the MLB, but you never know.

Report: Chris Archer is still maybe going somewhere, but maybe not

So basically, nothing has happened and baseball insiders are trying to make it sound like something is happening. Silverman, if you are gonna trade Archer, do it. Stop waiting. Find the right package deal for him and get him out if you want to get rid of him. Don’t keep the league eagerly waiting for you to maybe do something.

Report: Nats are playing mind games

The Nats have no idea what they’re doing, but they’re making sure we don’t know either. A bold move from a team that has their season hanging in the balance with every second that passes.

Big Trade Alert: Tommy Pham to the Rays

Ok, OK Rays. I see you. OK. Not a bad guy to get. Definitely enough of a bat and has the defense to do something on this team. I don’t know who is in the return, but thank god it’s not Archer.

*Breathes sigh of relief* THANK GOD we didn’t get rid of any big names in the trade. These next five hours or so are going to test my patience real hard.

Report: Former Phillie Jake Diekman among reliever targets for Phillies

Maybe the Phillies might do something today. I mean it’s not like they’re really stretching for a guy since Diekman used to pitch in Philadelphia, and by now, it’s assumed that he’s matured and gained control of the strike zone, so it would help. Adam Morgan is not the left-handed reliever the Phillies can afford going to for the rest of the season.

Report: Bryce isn’t going anywhere

Not surprised, just sad. We needed this to last longer.

Report: Cubs want relievers. Surprising…

I’ve never seen to much certainty about something that hasn’t happened or really been talked about, but I trust you Bob. Don’t mess this up.

Ryan will definitely be happy about this, unless they get Ziegler and he blows up in their face and the Cubs collapse and don’t make the playoffs, but that’s just an extreme situation…or is it??

Report: Orioles’ Jones and Rangers’ Beltre likely staying put

The Phillies just got dealt a major blow. After scouting both Adam Jones and Adrian Beltre, (why do you have to scout them? They are proven talent) reports from USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale point towards both aging stars staying with their teams via tenure in the league.

But Asdrubal Cabrera is good enough, right, RIGHT??

Report: Contending teams will do things today

Thanks, Ken.

Funny Story: Pirates’ pitcher delayed trade because he was asleep.

Yesterday, the Pirates made a trade for Rangers’ reliever Keone Kela. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that Pittsburgh would be buyers two weeks ago, but that’s not why we’re writing about this.

Apparently, there was some confusion on who the Rangers were getting in return, and it was all because he was asleep. What a crazy thing to wake up to. Usually I wake up to six texts from a group message and am overwhelmed, so I can’t imagine checking my phone and seeing 24 missed calls from the MLB organization you play for.

I really respect this move by Hearn, because I was also asleep at this time. Being this attractive doesn’t just happen.

Report: Chris Archer may be traded (shocker)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Rays saying they are going to trade Chris Archer is the baseball equivalent of the boy who cried wolf. Until it actually happens, there’s no chance I believe it.

The bigger story here is that the Padres are the favorites. I get that Archer is a controlable arm and could be key for San Diego to compete in a few years, but it’s so weird to see a team that is clearly not a contender try and make a blockbuster trade.

If I was a betting man (which I’m not), I would still put a lot of money on Archer staying in Tampa Bay. Then, we can do this same dance again next year.

Report: Indians interested in Billy Hamilton

I like this potential move. The Indians need OF help, and Hamilton gives you two things you need in the postseason: speed and defense.

Just please don’t let the Cubs play him in the World Series. He will absolutely haunt them.

Report: Bryce Harper available for trade

This probably doesn’t happen, but it set baseball twitter on fire last night. I wrote a few weeks ago that the Nats should trade Harper, so it’s good to see management is following What the Sports.

Like Rosenthal mentions here, I don’t think it will happen. Washington still has a chance to make the playoffs (5.5 back) and he isn’t going to garner the same return as Machado did.

Yet, I am all for this speculation. Let’s get crazy.



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