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The craziest thing about sports today

Am I the only one to notice this? Really?

Pretty click-baity title, huh? My guess is now you will skip down to the bottom where the main point of the article can be found. Well, if you are smart enough to read this intro, there is some gold coming up.

I once ran a 40-yard dash in eight seconds in fourth grade. My biggest fear growing up was a youth basketball referee noticing my untied shoes and telling me to tie them when I had no idea how to do so. I still can barely tie them. I should probably listen to this banger more.

I once got blocked shooting a three when the defender started from under the hoop. In fourth grade we had to do a music project and I chose to sing a song for the class. It was rap. I accidentally chose the explicit version. Very explicit.

Okay, but now sports. It’s 2018 and the past few years have been filled with incredible storylines. The Cubs and the city of Cleveland broke their respective title droughts/curses. Kevin Durant showed he is softer than Charmin Ultra Soft. MLB stars continue to have the personality of a chair. The Browns have won four games in three years and Tom Brady is not only getting better with age, but objectively better looking (just ignore the dad bod pic that the internet found yesterday). Yet, none of this is even close to what I think is the most amazing thing to happen to sports over the past decade or so.

According to ranker.com, the 10 most popular sports in our glorious free nation are as follows: Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, boxing, golf, tennis, car racing and swimming. Now I am going to eliminate car racing from the equation because I know about as much about car racing as snorkeling, and I’m terrified of fish. So, for the nine most popular sports in America, they have something pretty crazy in common.

Mike Trout has undoubtedly been the best player in baseball over the past seven years. So good that his numbers stacked up against anyone, like, ever, are eye-opening. There is an argument to be made he is the greatest baseball player of all time. He’s not alone. Thesis incoming (probably about four paragraphs too late). There is an argument to be made that the greatest athlete in the NINE BIGGEST SPORTS in America are currently playing.


Let’s go in order. Football first. Tom Brady in my opinion, and most people’s opinions, is the greatest football player ever. He has been dominant for years, especially when it matters most.

The argument of all arguments, the best basketball player, is between two players. I think it is LeBron, and even if you don’t, the argument is there for LeBron.

I’ll skip baseball since Trout has been mentioned, and move right into hockey. Most agree Wayne Gretzky is undoubtedly the best of all time, but there is an increasing sect that wants to put Sidney Crosby’s name in the equation. We won’t fully count that one though.

In soccer, a lot of people, including myself, think Pele is the GOAT, but if you ask Cristiano Ronaldo, he’ll tell you he is the best ever, and he could be right. Lionel Messi’s rivalry with Ronaldo would be like MJ-LeBron playing at the same time and both pose legitimate threat to Pele’s title as the best ever.

Okay, now the sports I do not know a ton about. Floyd Mayweather has had a very questionable life outside of the ring, but the man is 50-0. Nobody else can touch that. Tiger Woods for 10 years may have been the most dominant athlete in the world. Roger Federer is another that is getting better with age, and finally, Michael Phelps is without a doubt the best swimmer ever.

Also, if you like lacrosse, Paul Rabil is still playing and he’s the GOAT! Lacrosse is the best woohoo (From Kevin – who edited this article).

Folks, enjoy this! Arguably, eight of the nine major sports in America, maybe all nine, could have their GOAT playing right now. No other time period can rival anything close to this. Suck it, the roaring 20’s.

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  1. WarningTrack

    Enough goats for all! And which goat is the goatiest goat? Maybe that one in your meme.


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