The Rays are still one game above .500, but I’m still angry

This team is a roller coaster of emotions.

This is the third article in a series where diehard Rays fan and WTS baseball writer Alex Murphy records his week-by-week thoughts and comments about the team until the end of the season.



The Rays are still a game above .500.

They took two out of three from the struggling Mets and Nate Eovaldi was flirting with perfection through six innings.


Also, Jon Heyman once again managed to step out of line. Strike two guy.

But, there’s one small problem…

After going 8-1 on their most recent home stand, winning three straight series against the Yankees, Nationals and Astros, YOU LOST TWO OF THREE TO THE MARLINS IN FRONT OF 14 PEOPLE IN MIAMI!!!!!!

Just letting the public know, Derek Jeter traded away everyone good on this team in the offseason. Their best two players are Justin Bour and J.T. Realmuto, and I should add that they don’t have a strong starting rotation either.

Also, I forgot to mention that they are 20 GAMES BELOW .500. It took the Rays 16 !@#$^&% INNINGS to defeat the Marlins, and they lost another pitcher because both teams were held scoreless for NINE INNINGS!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 10.27.03 PM.png

They literally couldn’t score for the normal length of a game against a team that plays in front of more tumbleweeds than people.

I don’t even know how to comprehend how a team can do that after playing so well against the best teams in the league, but somehow, someway, the Rays managed to blow my mind once again.

The Mets series was much better, but they lost the first game of the series thanks to a walk-off grand slam from a washed-up Jose Bautista, who has had a down year this year after the Blue Jays let him go.

Winning the last two games of the series was a must and they did that and thank god they did. It’s not like the Mets are in freefall right now, and are close to being on the verge of blowing up their entire organization and starting from scratch…oh wait.


The Rays still won the series and are back to their winning ways on this stretch of playing below .500 opponents, and they can definitely go into the All Star Break with a better record than they have now.

And thank god Wilson Ramos was voted into the All Star Game as a starter. Much deserved after overcoming a torn ACL.

So now the Rays are gonna have two All Star representatives with Ramos and Blake Snell, who was a no-doubt selection and is one of the favorites to start the game…wait, he didn’t make it?

You’re telling me the AL ERA leader didn’t make it into the All Star Game?

Yep. He didn’t make it, but I already ranted about that on this website, so go read that post so that I don’t have to do it again, though I wouldn’t mind doing it haha.

Where the hell is Manfred because when I find him I’m gonna…


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