Blake Snell was snubbed for the 2018 MLB All Star Game

The MLB is officially against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Blake Snell is apparently garbage.

The AL ERA leader is so bad, he didn’t even make the AL All-Star roster.

He’s also fourth in pitcher WAR (4.3), fourth in opponent batting average (.183), second in wins (##), eighth in WHIP (1.026), second in hits allowed per nine innings (5.819), eighth in strikeouts (132), 10th in overall WAR for the AL, second in ERA+ (188) and eighth in strikeouts per nine innings (10.241). But he’s just terrible.

Why would he deserve the honor after giving up four runs or more in just three starts this season? And two runs or less in the other 16.

Ten of his 19 starts have come against the Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners, Athletics, Braves and Astros, the four best teams in the AL and a division leader in the NL. He’s started twice against the Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners and Astros. Six of those 10 starts, he’s allowed one run or less.

CONSENSUS: Blake Snell is a top-5 pitcher in the MLB and top-2 pitcher in the AL, and he wasn’t voted outright onto the roster.

Also, he’s one of two steady starters on the Rays (who currently have three starters including Chris Archer, who is on the DL right now). Snell pitches in a two-man rotation.

This is only his third year in the league, and the most wins he ever had in a season was six, his best season ERA was 3.54 and he’s never thrown more than 130 innings in a season.

And it wasn’t like Snell was good the last two years. He finished with a below .500 win/loss record the past two years and many questioned his stamina, control and ability to limit his pitch count.

He’s actually a god now, but apparently, the players and coaches of the MLB have never recognized that.

The fact that Wilson Ramos got voted as the starting catcher means nothing because the starters for both leagues are determined by the fans. If it were up to the league, forget about seeing Ramos in there.

I’ve had my problems with the MLB, mostly because they’ve constantly screwed over the Rays and haven’t made any concerted effort to help them out or care about their existence. However, I’ve gotten used to it.

I mean why would they respect one of their own franchises? The Rays don’t make money, they play in a terrible stadium, and they don’t have a fan base. So of course the league would screw them over.

This, neglecting someone who had the best pre-All Star Break numbers of any pitcher in Rays franchise history, is disrespectful and is a blatant disregard to any Rays fan.

He could get chosen as an alternate, so that will make everything better.

To me, that’s a bigger middle finger to the team than him not making it outright. I don’t want to see Blake Snell on that team because if the MLB adds him on, they think the situation will be solved and they will get off the hook for the mistake they made.

No, don’t waste Blake’s time. You’re never going to make Rays fans happy with this. You never have in the past and you never will because the MLB has somehow found a way to suppress and slowly destroy this franchise.

I don’t care that this is the All-Star Game, an exhibition game where nothing matters. Blake Snell, one of the best pitchers in the league and someone who is on track to have the best single season in franchise history, was neglected.

I’m done ranting. I’ll let Rays starter Chris Archer take the floor.


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