Furkan Korkmaz dropped 40 points in a Summer League game loss and that’s what’s up

Inject Summer League-Korkmaz into my veins.

Draft-and stash players, along with acquiring first round draft pick swaps, are amongst Philadelphia process truster’s favorite assets. Furkan Korkmaz is no exception.

At first, Sixers fans were not even sure if this was the best Furkan the city has seen in the last five years. Tonight, Korkmaz proved he was better than the renowned rebound-machine that is Furkan Aldemir.

I only compare the two for their names really. Aldemir came into a depleted, process-filled roster for a season or so of hard work and grit. Compared to how last season’s injury ended Korkmaz’s chances to impress, consider me now impressed. He’s now looking like a successful draft-and-stash player that we all knew he could be.

Well, sure I most certainly am exaggerating the significance, if there is any at all, of a mere Summer League game. But oh boy, oh boy have you ever seen someone stroke it from deep like that and just be like, “Uh ohhhhh!”

I definitely didn’t know I would feel like that for Korkmaz before last night. Now I know he can play. Clearly the best player on the court for major stretches of the contest, Korkmaz still wasn’t able to lead his team over what’ll be Sixers’ only threat at the Eastern Conference throne for years to come, the Boston Celtics.

And against a defensive-minded player like Semi Ojeleye too! Korkmaz sprayed his magical 3-point shooting fingers all over the court Friday night. And yes, while you were out on a beautiful Friday night, I was in witnessing the birth of Korkmaz. Walking out of the fiery eggs like the Daenerys’ dragons on Game of Thrones, I witnessed a bit of Sixers history.

Korkmaz flat-out worked himself into next year’s rotation.

After not grabbing LeBron, PG13 and seemingly Kawhi now too, the Sixers will still certainly need help on the wings. First-team All Defensive member Robert Covington cannot do it all by himself – even as a bonafide three and D stud.

Following a serviceable trade with Denver for a potential picks swap and Wilson Chandler’s expiring contract and much-needed wing play, Korkmaz has a challenger for that backup position. I mean we’re dealing with the Best Young Player in Europe before he came over, competing against the aged and worn out Wilson Chandler. Will Korkmaz take the extra step to elevate his game from last season’s status as a reserve benchwarmer, or will he continue to kill it like this in Summer League and pick up a consistent offensive game?

Only time will tell. You better believe I’ll be rooting for that beautiful Turk.

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