What the Sports happened to Uruguay?

France defeated Uruguay 2-0 in the first quarter-final game of the 2018 World Cup. That’s great and all, but what really happened to the South American side during the match that knocked them out?

Yellow Cards

Raphael Varane scored to put France up 1-0, a header off a set piece into the into the back of the net. Varane can thank Rodrigo Bentancur for that, getting booked for a yellow card about 30 yards from net.

Word to the wise, fouls are bad in soccer, conceding fouls are bad, and yellow cards are bad. Also, BREAKING: Griezmann is really good and knows how to perfectly place a ball into the box from just outside the penalty area, so giving him the opportunity to do that is not a good idea for the opposition.

Hugo Lloris

If he wasn’t on Tottenham, I would like him more, but wow, that was an amazing save. It ended up being Uruguay’s best scoring opportunity of the match, as Lloris went into a full-out dive and stretched out his hand enough to keep France ahead.

That better not happen when Spurs play Arsenal in the Premier League next season.

Loris Ka…sorry, I meant Fernando Muslera

Oh boy was this a terrible mistake Muslera made. Even worse is that he conceded one goal the entire tournament coming into the match, so he looks really bad.

Griezmann shot the ball with pace, but it was definitely more than manageable for Muslera to push away or catch, right, RIGHT?

We were all wrong and now we’re this young Uruguay fan, who is really just a rip-off of the crying Northwestern kid, but we’ll give him the spotlight for now in his and his country’s time of grief.

“Fight” Night in Nizhny Novgorod

Play got chippy around the 67th minute as a supposed foul on Mbappe wasn’t taken well by Uruguay. They contested of simulation and flopping, which caused some pushing and shoving, about as close to a fight in a soccer match you will ever see, so more memes.

In short…


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