LeBron Watch: What a Weekend

This season of "The Bachelor" is wild.

Ok, so I know I promised I was going to do one of these almost everyday, but we both knew that was never going to happen. LeBron and the rest of the NBA had been relatively quiet lately, leaving me with little to make jokes about. However, that all changed this weekend when the NBA world exploded into absolute mayhem.

Let me break down the series of events that may be leading to LeBron’s ultimate decision.

We will know where LeBron is going by Tuesday (maybe)

Today, Nick Wright, LeBron’s side chick, informed us all that James’ decision will be coming shortly, as he has already made up his mind on where he wants to play next year.

However, Wright tweeted this just two minutes before Woj tweeted that LeBron’s team is planning to meet with the Sixers today as well.

Maybe these reports don’t conflict, but I gotta be honest, I’m probably going to trust the guy who is the king of breaking news and finding synonyms for the word “drafting” over someone who loves LeBron more than I love telling myself I am going to workout and then not doing anything remotely close to it.

Philly is involved

Woj’s tweet today does tell us that the Sixers are indeed involved in the sweepstakes, but I really don’t know how confident Philly can feel when LeBron isn’t even attending the meeting. I know James has a lot of friends who he trusts and will listen to, but I feel like having the most important free agent maybe ever at the table during your pitch is kind of important.

The Lakers are still the favorite (probably)

Until the clock struck midnight last night and all hell broke loose, it seemed like a done deal that #LABron was going to happen. Vegas gave the Lakers the best odds (which means nothing) and LeBron had his plane land in LA (where he lives).

But seriously, the Lakers did seem like the favorite for LeBron with their ability to dominate this year’s free agency class. That may still be the case, but after a few events that happened last night (which I am about to talk about don’t you worry), their odds could be dropping just a little.

Noah is still trying to convince me that even if LA brought no one else for LeBron, he would still choose them over going back to the Cavs because of the market he’ll be in. But when you’re LeBron James, does it really matter where you play?

He won’t be playing with Paul George or Kevin Durant (most likely)

It was reported earlier in the week that LeBron had texted KD asking him to play in LA with him this year. Durant couldn’t say yes for two reasons:

  1. He’s already in a good spot with the Warriors, who he re-signed with last night. Leaving a team that just gave you two championships in your first two years there is just a ridiculous move, even if it means passing up on creating the most dominant duo ever.
  2. Even though LeBron asked KD to play with him, the world would still look at KD as a snake. As much as he has played off the reputation, I can’t imagine he wants to go through all the memes and create new burner accounts. Plus, I’m pretty sure the Warriors are the only guys who still genuinely like Durant, so why burn those bridges?

LeBron also won’t be teaming up with PG in LA after George re-signed with the Thunder last night while partying with Russ (and not Melo). This is a move that I believe can hinder the Lakers’ pitch to LeBron. It seemed like a done deal if George had signed with LA, but now it seems like other teams may stand a chance.

Most importantly, I need to know what went down at Westbrook’s party. Apparently everyone had to sign a waiver just to get in, but the only video I saw made it look about as hype as my Bar Mitzvah (which was average).

Kawhi is a wildcard

Whichever team can land Kawhi in a trade may have the best chance at also landing LeBron. It seemed like this would be the Lakers, but then the Spurs realized Lonzo Ball isn’t good at basketball.

It was reported today that the Sixers believe that they can get Kawhi to Philly and will use that as their main pitch to LeBron. Once again, Kawhi holds so much power without saying one damn word.

LeBron has a decision cave

This news isn’t even shocking, it’s just funny. I’d be mad if LeBron didn’t have one of these things, because it’s just the most LeBron thing in the world.

I wonder if he uses it for anything else besides free agency. What wine to drink? How many rap lyric Instagram stories to post? When to cheer for his son missing a dunk and costing his team two points?

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  1. warningtrack

    Can’t believe I msised your barmitzvah! Sounds like a blast.


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