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If the Incredibles 2 cast were athletes

These athletes have superhero personalities.

It’s been a couple weeks since the sequel of one of the greatest movies of my childhood dropped, so if you haven’t seen it yet I can’t promise I won’t spoil anything.

Incredibles 2 was a beautiful blend of paying homage to the original masterclass of a superhero animation film while adding a perfect amount of new storylines. Any time you can add one of my favorite actors in Bob Odenkirk to one of my favorite childhood movies, I’m going to be more than happy.

It got me thinking, what athletes best resemble the cast of characters this movie boasts?

Mr. Incredible – LeBron James

Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, has the most physically dominant attributes out of anyone in the movie, much like LeBron James in the NBA. Though Mr. Incredible’s desire to do what’s right is always apparent, there is a sense of smug arrogance that persists – something we’ve come accustomed to with LeBron. But hey, if you’re the best at basketball or superhero stuff, you’re allowed to be a little cocky.

There’s also a weird sense of divisiveness with both greats. While there’s no legendary superhero to compare Mr. Incredible to in this evil-fighting universe, people don’t really like how he does things with total brute force. His reckless-abandon style got him and all other superheroes outlawed in their society. Meanwhile for LeBron, the murmurs of not making his teammates better and his endangered status as the greatest of all time with more losses in the Finals make for eternal talking points for the national media, but lack substance.

Also, similar to how Mr. Incredible was pleasantly surprised with Jack-Jack’s newfound superpowers, peep LeBron’s reaction when his namesake almost dunks in a game at 13 years old.

Mrs. Incredible – Serena Williams

Just like how Elastigirl took center stage in the sequel, Serena Williams has been at the forefront of not only the women’s tennis landscape, but also uplifting the public support for women’s sports in general. Her longstanding dominance with 23 grand slam titles has made her a transcendent athlete and role model.

The most striking characteristic drawing Helen Parr and the younger Williams sister together is how they both carry themselves when they are not on the job. Just as Mrs. Incredible was there to garner media support, Serena has always been able to garner respect for women athletes.

Dash – Jordan Wolf

The obvious choice here would’ve been Usain Bolt given all his world records for sprinting faster than anyone to have ever walked on the planet. Plus, Dash ran track in the original movie. But there is one problem: Bolt’s strides are just too long compared to Dash’s choppy spurts.

Jordan Wolf is one of the quickest lacrosse players to ever play the game. The former Duke champion can go from 0-100 on those famous endline speed dodges of his, and there’s not a defender in the world that can do anything about it. His choppy feet and short stature match Dash’s physical attributes much better.

Violet – Katie Ledecky

Violet’s superpowers were difficult to match with a professional athlete, but this one might just be perfect. Think about it: Violet’s main superpower is being invisible, using it to escape sticky situations quickly and efficiently. Ledecky has dominated her swimming counterparts with an amazing stroke appearing as an underwater shadow that renders her invisible. She’s basically in a shield of speed in those olympic pool lanes. This definitely wasn’t a stretch.

Jack-Jack – Kylian Mbappe

Every time I watch this guy play for France or PSG, I am utterly amazed. His two-goal performance to crush Messi’s dream of World Cup glory was a perfect portfolio of everything he is great at. He’s got superior pace, control and finishing that is truly uncanny for his age – just like Jack-Jack. Both of these guys are so well-rounded despite their youth.

The fact that he is wearing the No. 10 shirt for his national team at the age of 19 is mind-boggling to me. And he deserves it too. Every touch, pass and dribble seems infallible on TV. Still, Mbappe has shown signs of how raw of a talent he is, similar to how Jack-Jack can’t always control his powers.

Edna Mode E – Holger Geschwindner

For those of you that may not know the great Holger Geschwindner, he’s the one who trained a tall German by the name of Dirk to become the sixth leading scorer in NBA history with very weird drills. Edna isn’t a superhero and Holger isn’t known for being an athlete. What both of these characters are known for are their strange ways of bringing out the talent in their mentees.

While it’s hard to admit, Edna bringing out the superhero capabilities out of the Incredibles is a little more impressive than Dirk’s silky shooting stroke.

Frozone – Wayne Simmonds

Simmonds matches Frozone’s superhero physical and social attributes to perfection. As a role player on the Philadelphia Flyers, Simmonds has helped overcome the underwhelming presence of African American hockey players, becoming an integral cog on the Flyers roster. As a role superhero in the Incredibles, Frozone also helps overcome the underwhelming presence of black superheroes American culture has created. (Luckily, we got Black Panther this year!)

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