Who should actually win the NBA Awards

Just wait until the award ceremony where the Sixers sweep the awards.

First of all, the fact that the NBA regular season awards are tonight is mind-boggling. If the slithery Adam Silver wants a whole night to commemorate the season weeks after it ended, then the playoffs should play a factor in the voting process.

Instead, media voters were given their ballots at the conclusion of the regular season. There’s a difference between who was the MVP of the regular season and the MVP of the entire season, and that’ll show tonight.

Disclaimer: As a diehard Sixers fan, I have certain biases and grudges. I will show my complete objectivity and superior intellect with my votes for who should actually win the NBA awards tonight.

MVP – LeBron James

While James Harden will likely win the award, LeBron certainly deserves it. You give him an average supporting cast in his 15th season, you’d think this would finally be the year someone not named LeBron would make the Finals.

Nope. LeBron played all 82 games at an elite level en route to finishing fourth in the East after a rollercoaster of a season filled with roster turnover. Even if he’s not that great of a fit with Philadelphia, he more than deserves another MVP in his trophy cabinet.

As more and more people realize the regular season doesn’t matter for most, LeBron showed why the MVP award should be his in the Cavs postseason run. Harden had Chris Paul to help him win a few games against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, yet once he pulled a hammy, the Rockets were toast and Harden disappeared. Give it to ‘Bron one last time before his kid can dunk.

Rookie of the Year – Donovan Mitchell

No overly biased Sixers fan can convince me that Donovan Mitchell doesn’t deserve the ROY award this year. Ben Simmons may go down as the most dominant rookie to not win the award, but what @spidadmitchell did with a less-talented Utah squad was far more impressive than Simmons’ debut campaign.

All rookie definition petiness aside, Mitchell took a team that couldn’t make the playoffs with Gordon Hayward to the fifth spot.Oh yeah, they also beat the Thunder in the first round. Simmons and Embiid showed a lack of composure in getting past the Heat before falling against Boston. As much as it may hurt to admit, it was Mitchell’s year.

Sixth Man of the Year – Lou Williams

Ah, sweet Lou. The Clippers best scorer this season was hands-down the best player coming off the bench this season. Eric Gordon gave him a run for his money once again, but Lou’s scoring touch was pretty much all LA had, and they didn’t miss the playoffs by much.

Also, I felt really bad for him not making the all star team in February. It seemed like with the West roster dropping like flies, Williams should’ve been one of the alternates, especially when Jimmy Butler didn’t even play. 

Coach of the Year – Brad Stevens

As much as I want to give this to Brett Brown for what he’s done to double the team’s win total over a single season, and just two seasons after the process Sixers won only 10 games, Brad Stevens is the actually correct choice here. Dwane Casey needs to be disqualified because he got fired, so if you can’t keep your job then you don’t deserve any special recognition, even from your peers.

Stevens without a doubt out-coached Brown in the Eastern Conference Semis, and it just seems like he always has something smart cooking up in that head of his.

Defensive Player of the Year – Robert Covington

Okay, you’ve made it to the end of the article. Congrats! Now it’s finally time for some Sixers bias. While it won’t happen, he was named on the First Team All-Defense this season with Joel Embiid only making the second team. I also just got this bad boy:


Sportsmanship Award – Kevin Durant

With all the technical fouls, ejections, back-talking and slithery snake moves he pulled out this season, would it not be hilarious to see him get this? On second thought, that would not be funny. 

1 comment on “Who should actually win the NBA Awards

  1. Pat Brown

    While the Sixer’s may be lacking in “awards won this year”… they have been mentioned 14 times in this article.


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