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What to do about this Browns hullabaloo

It sounds like the Browns may win a game this year. Maybe even two.

Well, well, well. Here we are again. Middle of June with the NBA and NHL seasons just coming to an end. Around this time of the year, I am usually fretting about if LeBron will leave the Cavs and if baseball is still viewed as a dying sport. Both of those are once again at the forefront of my mind, but one other sorry excuse of a team is doing all they can to make me think about their possible success next season. I have seen one win over the past two years and four over the past three, but that won’t stop me from believing the Browns are as good as any team this year thanks to some recent headlines. Let’s discuss.

Headline 1: Josh Gordon is very HIGH on the Browns WRs

So I see this and of course lose my mind. Is he right? No. Close to it? Still probably no. But, with a not-stoned Josh Gordon, a receiver who led the league in receptions last year in Jarvis Landry and a slew of other castaways with clear talent, the improvement is obviously there. And, most importantly; The guy throwing them the ball doesn’t do this:

Seems like a recipe for success if you ask me.

Headline 2: Mychal Kendricks forgets he left the Eagles

Okay first of all, this seems like a highly questionable use of this Hue Jackson gif. Secondly, this opinion should carry some weight. This man was a starting linebacker for the uber-talented defensive unit of the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. He comes in and after about a week drops this bombshell of a quote.

Again, I overreacted. Tell me if I am wrong here, but every unit on the Browns is at worst an average group as far as talent goes. The only exception would maybe be quarterback and offensive line, which you could argue are slightly below average. I would also argue that this talent is not ‘funny’ as Kendricks said; it is real.

Headline 3: Man nearly drives truck with dog into Browns practice

So a man threatened to drive a truck with landscaping equipment and a dog through the gates of the Browns practice facility. So many questions and so much to dissect. If this man would have driven through those gates with a dog, I would have found him myself and driven a car through his house.

Also, a “truck filled with landscaping equipment and mulch” is incredibly vague in Cleveland as that is nearly every vehicle. Why was this guy so absurdly mad that the Browns practice was not open to the public? If he was to somehow get in, the dog would be the best ‘dawg’ to be in Berea since the 1980s.


Headline 4: Myles Garrett reps Cleveland hard

So Myles Garrett, the first overall pick last year, said this about the most hated player by NBA fans in Cleveland, Kevin Durant. Yeah, he is right.

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  1. WarningTrack

    Goooo Browns! I believe! Who let the dogs out?!

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