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Satirical Saturdays: Fox Sports to increase fan support in World Cup

Fans will now have the opportunity to showcase their soccer knowledge.

For too long, Americans have been deprived of a platform to make their impeccable knowledge of the beautiful game known. Fans who are able to name at least three players including “that guy Ronaldo”, will now have the opportunity to showcase their love of  the “beautiful game”, as Fox Sports recently announced that they will allow American spectators to phone in at half time and contribute their own analysis.

In a country with so many Real Madrid and Barcelona loyalists, it’s absolutely vital that they are able to contribute to games such as Saudi Arabia vs Russia and Morocco vs Iran.

“Their input is indispensable in shedding light onto the nuances of the game. We need to realize that soccer is the most important sport in the world. We have made a big mistake in failing to realize the impact American viewers have on the game and their overall knowledge of the sport,”  Fox Sports President Eric Shanks said.

The network is predicting interest in the World Cup to spike by what we can only guess would be about 27,000 viewers per game as fans phone in and use phrases such as “made a great play” and “he kicked it well.”

Similar changes are expected to take place in Sailing, Water Polo, Lacrosse and Equestrian in the coming months.

In Other News

Here are some other headlines from around the world of sports

  • Kawhi Leonard seen “trying on” Lakers jersey in local Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  • Fox Sports announcer Jorge-Perez Navarro reacts calmly to a goal from a South American team.
  • Ronaldo celebrates World Cup hat trick with plastic surgery to fix asymmetrical big toe.
  • Tiger Woods all smiles as he walks round TPC Southwind while shooting a modest 73.
  • Ryan Homler unable to name half of NHL teams.


Tom Hindle is a Multiplatform Journalism major at the University of Maryland. Raised in England, he moved to California at 13. He is a soccer writer for What the Sports but is a fan of all sports. His favorite team is Liverpool FC which has led to a lot of hurt in his lifetime.

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