LeBron Watch: Day 2

We got a BBB take today.

Quick LeBron update for what was a very boring Thursday in the sports world. The main piece of information that centered around James today was LaVar Ball coming out of the woodworks to give his take on the free agency, and it was a classic Big Baller move.

To summarize, LaVar not only stated that he knows LeBron will end up on the Lakers in the offseason, but that the best basketball player of this generation would not be able to teach his son, who has a worse jumpshot than 99 percent of the world population, anything about the game.

There’s two main takeaways we can get from his comment today:

  1. I am now bumping down the Lakers as a favorite destination for LeBron. There’s just no way he’s going to go there and deal with this everyday. LeBron is just too above battling with LaVar, he’d much rather just subtweet him on Twitter from a distance.
  2. LaVar Ball is just crazier than we thought. I get that he has to keep up the charade of supporting his mediocre sons, but this is just too much. Saying that Lonzo could teach LeBron a thing or two? Like what? How to make a below-average rap album and get a horrible haircut? Pass.

As an insider, I’m going to give my bold statement now and then completely go back on it in a few months when it’s wrong. LeBron is not going to LA. We can’t trust anything LaVar says and we never should. I think if he told me the world was going to end and then it did, I would still be up in heaven sharing a Shirley Temple with Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo talking about how I could never believe such a small baller.


Damn, I guess Day 2 was pretty crazy. Only thing that can top this tomorrow is if LeBron gets back on the grind of liking big booty pics on Twitter.

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