Sergio Ramos ruins everything

Sergio Ramos is the absolute worst. He hates everything people love. Here's why.

Over the years, Sergio Ramos has built quite the reputation. For some, it’s that of a world class defender and captain of one of the more dominant teams in recent memory. For others- basically those who aren’t Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid “fans”- he is a villain, an enemy of the people. Basically, Sergio Ramos crushes everything people love.  

giphy 3.24.59 PM.gif

I already had beef with this man. He’s an irritant and he plays dirty. What’s worse is that he’s really good. Then, he did this…

And then laughed about it. So that was bad enough, and I still haven’t let that go. But it gets worse. It was revealed today by doctors in Massachusetts that an elbow from Ramos concussed Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius.

The German then proceeded to make two errors that ultimately cost Liverpool their sixth Champions League trophy. Now, I’m not sure how much of a connection there is between the elbow and Karius’ blunders, but concussions don’t exactly optimize performance.

Saltiness aside, I think we can all agree that Sergio Ramos destroys everything that people love. What follows are just a few examples.

Champions League Finals

Well, this one is obvious. Obviously, Ramos’ heinous crimes swung the game towards Madrid in this year’s final. However, it goes beyond that. His shocking dive, which got Juan Cuadrado sent off in last year’s final, crushed Juventus’ hope of a comeback in 2017.

El Clásico

Technically, Barca fans benefit from his violent tendencies. But in the interests of his own club, the captain hasn’t covered himself in glory. This tackle in 2017 definitely contributed to a Real Madrid loss:

How awful do you have to be to ruin the game for your own fans?

Family dinners, probably

Sergio could be a nice man off the pitch. I will concede he has an adorable little family. However, his constant saltiness and aggression could potentially affect the Ramos family. I, for one, would not want to be sitting next to him at thanksgiving.

Friendly hangouts, speculatively

People like friends. Friends are nice. A good wholesome game of FIFA, a nice lunch, a movie with the lads. Ramos hates all good things. These events would be ruined. He’d bring snacks into movie theaters, always show up late to lunch and complain after a FIFA loss. He’d be this guy:


This picture is not photoshopped.


Ramos is an incredibly talented footballer, but is incredibly infuriating. I thought I was alone in despising the man. I never considered that he’s hurt many like me before. Hopefully, he will read this and learn from his mistakes. Gracias, Sergio.

3 comments on “Sergio Ramos ruins everything

  1. Biased review. If you consider yourself to be a “soccer writer” then don’t be biased. Yes he plays dirty sometimes but you can’t blame Salah’s injury as well as Karis concussions on him. Karius also made two good saves after the concussions, was it a coincidence?


  2. How football fans (besides Barça & Atlético fans) fail to appreciate the footballing & leadership values of Sergio Ramos is truly beyond me.
    As an Arsenal fan, he is a man I would personally carve a statue of had he spent his career in the red & white!
    A true modern day footballing legend who any ambitious team need to compete successfully at the highest level.


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