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What the Sports is this Shenanigans Podcast all about?

New podcast on Soundcloud!!!

Hey there friends. Back again here for What The Sports, now to introduce you to my new podcast called Shenanigans, which Kev, Ryan and Noah have been kind enough to take under the wings of WTS and the Impractical Sports Podcast on Soundcloud.

Here’s the link to our very fist episode: https://soundcloud.com/user-273036461/shenanigans-episode-1

Sidenote: Nobody tell them how bad of an idea it is to let us have our own podcast. We are three idiots who think, I’ll say it again, think, we know a lot about sports and have very little technical knowledge in terms of producing an actual podcast. We recorded our first episode three different times because we couldn’t get the recording right, which sucks because we actually had a good parallel between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and Mason Ramsey. It was really good, but we screwed up the mics. Really, really bad idea giving us a platform boys.

The Shenanigans Podcast stars myself, Shaine McKeever and a third host who refuses to share his real identity. He’s off the grid. We’re doing it in our beautiful dump of a small town of Kings Park, New York, out on Long Island for the summer.

We’re just three guys chatting up, going through what’s happening in the world of sports and tossing in our two cents on all of it. We don’t do much preparation for the show, but just go to the 5th Avenue Studios (Shaine’s basement, his dad owns a paving company so I guess he sponsors the room) and shoot the breeze like we usually do.

Shaine is blessed enough to be a New York Mets, Jets, Knicks and Islanders fan. He doesn’t just know misery, he IS misery.

I too am a Mets and Isles fan, but like any true New Yorker: I am a fan of the Pats and Boston Celtics. I am always right, and I know more than you because in all honesty, I am better than you.

As for our third host, we’re not quite sure what he is. Hopefully one of the listeners can figure it out because we have known him since fifth grade and we’re still not fully comfortable introducing him to company and strangers.

We’ve also got a great segment, which we haven’t named yet, where we “swipe right” or “swipe left” on each others sports takes. It’s a riot.

Be on the lookout for our podcasts this summer, and hopefully we can give you a laugh or two.


James is a broadcast journalism major at the University of Maryland. He broadcasts and hosts talk shows for WMUC Sports, beat writes for The Left Bench, reports for the Beltway Bulletin and blogs for What The Sports.

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