What now for Real Madrid?

Real Madrid just completed a dominant European three-peat, and their manager for each of these wins just stepped down. What's next for this Spanish club?

Zinedine Zidane’s tenure at Real Madrid has ended all too soon. Talk about stopping while you’re ahead.

After leading Real Madrid to a three-peat of the UEFA Champions League, Zidane has stepped down as the club’s manager. This move shocked the sports world, and the future of this club is very much up in the air. Let’s look ahead at three possible outcomes of Zidane leaving the European champions.


1) Full Club Reboot

Immediately following Real Madrid’s third consecutive UCL win, two of their star players, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, both seemed to say that they are uncertain about their future at the club. With the uncertain futures of arguably Real Madrid’s two best players, along with the manager stepping down, it seems as if Los Galacticos are in for a full reboot.


By selling one or both of CR7 and Gareth Bale, the door is opened for a huge purchase from the club, such as Neymar, Kylian Mbappe or Eden Hazard. Other players on Real Madrid, including Toni Kroos and Keylor Navas, could possibly leave this summer as well.


Although this reboot seems plausible, it would have to happen rather quickly, and it would not be able to start until mid-July after the World Cup.

2) Big name manager, big tactical changes

Zidane made a lot of changes during his tenure at Real Madrid, yet almost none of them were personnel shifts. A new manager could do a lot of things: formation changes, starting XI changes, and bringing Gareth Bale back to the starting lineup along with Isco too.


This outcome creates a tactical reboot, rather than an aforementioned full club reboot. The deepness of Real Madrid’s bench allows this incoming big-name manager, such as Laurent Blanc, Guti, etc., to have immense flexibility in lineups and formation. Zidane took advantage of this deepness, and this new manager could use this opportunity to make multiple tactical shifts.

3) Nothing much, really

The resignation of Zinedine Zidane is a huge change in it of itself, but it does not necessarily mean that there will be huge personnel changes and crazy tactical changes. It is highly possible that Cristiano Ronaldo did not want anything from his comments after the UCL final other than a pay raise and some help with his tax issues. It’s also possible Bale really does love playing in Madrid and just wants some well-deserved playing time.


A new manager could be hired from within club ranks, or with a similar philosophy, and huge changes won’t occur. Furthermore, huge changes aren’t necessary. Real Madrid just won three UCL titles in a row; they have the best goalscorer in the world and a top five winger in the world as well. Their midfield is amazing and their bench is full of mercurial young Spanish talent. Although this is a rather uneventful outcome, it might well be the best move for this club.

For a true and catchy farewell to Zizou, watch this: 

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