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How the Cavs could actually do the thing

It is very far from likely, but a true Cavs fan may have an idea how Cleveland can win The Finals.

Me, Monday May 14, at about 11:30 at night: “I HATE THIS CAVS TEAM. THEY ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT. They would get swept by the Warriors anyway, but this is just awful.”

Me, Monday May 21, at about 11:30 at night: “Yeah, honestly, this team could win it all lowkey.”

Me, Monday May 28, at about 11:30 at night: “I am becoming religious solely to worship LeBron. I don’t care who we face, I am going to enjoy this.”

That enjoying part did not last long. Soon after that Game 7 in Boston I tried to convince myself how the Cavs could beat the vaunted Warriors.

Yeah, that’s right. I have a little voice in my head that I am choosing to fully believe telling me that the awful Cavaliers are going to beat the Warriors, a team that has four of the top 15 players in the NBA. I have it all planned out.

Game 1

Yeah this won’t be pretty. The Cavs won’t try because they will still be semi-tired from the Celtics series. Somewhere around 115-80. Yikes.

Game 2

I mean all out here folks. Check out the box score from the 2015 Finals Game 2. LeBron will need to go god mode again and re-enact this gif:giphy.gif

Cavs 102-98

Game 3

All out again. Golden State will be ticked and want to finish this ASAP but with those rowdy home fans behind the Cavs, we could have another close one. The Warriors ain’t the Warriors in the fourth quarter so I think the fighting ‘Brons could take another one maybe prompting another Instagram story, even during the Zero-Dark 23.

Game 4

REEEESSSSSTTT. You don’t want to go up 3-1 anyway. It is the most unsafe lead in The Finals. And, you’ll be rested for Game 5.

Game 5

So maybe it could be close if they try, but why try when the next game is at home? The Cavs would be sooooo rested. 3-2 ain’t nothin.

Game 6

Yeah, you gotta win this (obviously). Warriors will do EVERYTHING they can to not have a Game 7, but what they don’t have is a minotaur/rhino/lion/zeus-like creature from Akron. LeBron will get that dub, possibly prompting another picture like this one from Game 6 a few years back. 


Game 7

Advantages for Warriors:

  • Better
  • Home
  • Reigning Champs
  • Swaggy P and Javale McGee
  • Non-flammable bodies of water (yet)

Advantages for Cavs

  • ‘Bron obviously
  • That team mentioned first chokes in big moments
  • Kevin Love probably won’t have a concussion by then
    • Damn, just realized Iguodala would almost certainly be healthy too
  • That’s it

The big point there is that the Warriors are known to choke. Game 7 LeBron would be wild. It isn’t likely, but if it was to happen, this is how it would go down. I may have just won you a lot of money. Or more likely lost you some.

1 comment on “How the Cavs could actually do the thing

  1. warningtrack

    Thank you What The Sport writer Noah. I am going to print this out and carry it with me whenever and wherever I watch this (sure-to-be) seven-game series. It will be my calming focus, my inspiration and my overall NBA Finals Guide.

    Liked by 1 person

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