Finals Predictions (Besides Who Wins)

So the Warriors may win, but what else may happen?

The NBA Finals start Thursday and it wouldn’t be much of a leap to say the Warriors are the overwhelming favorite. So, unlike other publications that are still going to tell you who they think is going to win, I’m going to do things a little different.

We talked about some of these predictions for the series on the latest Impractical Sports Podcast. I’d suggest listening, but let’s dig a little deeper here.

Games Warriors win by 25+ points

My pick: 3

Golden State is going to decimate Cleveland at home for the first two games of the series. As soon as the Cavs goes down, they are not coming back. LeBron is just going to throw in the towel and tell the rest to figure it out on their own. That’s two easy 25+ point wins.

Assuming LeBron (and just LeBron) puts up a little bit of a fight at home, I expect those games to be closer and the Cavs to probably take one. Then, the Warriors win the fifth game by 600 points. So three seems like the answer here.

Most excuses made for

My pick: Kevin Durant

They have already started flooding in. KD did not play great against the Rockets, often shooting the ball as soon as he touched it. Quite frankly, it looked like he was playing a game of hot potato with himself. I think that continues in the Finals even while the Warriors are dominating. As much as the internet loves roasting KD, defending the way he plays takes a close second.

The field:

Draymond (has been playing awful, but he’s got spirit!)

Steph (he’s still hurt!)

LeBron (you name it, they’ll say it)

Over/Under 0.5 games J.R. Smith goes off


I said this on the pod, but it’s pretty simple. The first games are in California, there is something that is legal in California. That thing is the green, and you know my man J.R. is going to be hitting that nonstop.

After a good round of golf, I expect the Pipe god himself to ball out a few times this series.

Who’s getting in a fight?

My pick: David West

Noah was not even sure if West still plays for the Warriors and that just strengthens my argument. He’s an extremely angry dude and clearly the Warriors don’t need him to actually win so he might as well just go out there and throw fists a few times.

The field:

Draymond (DUH)

Kendrick Perkins (dude tried to fight Drake, and a man can only wear skinny jeans for so long before he has to once again prove his masculinity)

J.R. (A bad hit of the green can really get someone riled up. Golf is tough, man!)
Hit my line with your predictions, folks. Let’s embrace a little debate.


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