My night from Hell: Sixers Twitter catastrophe

I am in a glass case of emotions.

A few weeks ago, the Sixers were eliminated by the Celtics after just getting pretty much dominated all series, and yet that isn’t even the worst thing to happen to them this month.

The backbreaker for me? What transpired on Twitter last night.

So, it was discovered that the president of basketball operations, who was forced upon Philadelphia to oust the brilliant mind of Sam Hinkie, used five burner accounts to make up for his insecure and small brain. If that wasn’t enough, Ben Simmons broke up with Tinashe for Kendall Jenner and Brett Brown extended his contract for three more years!

To fully gauge how Sixers fans, more specifically me, feel about all this craziness, let’s break down the Twitter timeline from last night. It’s better than me trying to type with all these tears in my eyes.

Let’s start with Joel Embiid’s reaction to Bryan Colangelo’s burner accounts discovered by The Ringer.

Joel has never been afraid to say whatever he wants on Twitter, even if it’s trying to roast players who are still playing in the playoffs while he’s on the couch, so you had to expect these incredible tweets to come out. The best is clearly the last as it looks like he was just typing out his thoughts as they popped into his head. “There’s no way he did it…well unless he did….no way he could though….but if he did that’d stink.”

There’s only one kind of person that Colangelo’s level of insecurity could compare to, and it’s not Kevin Durant.

Hours later, reports that the Pepsi-loving Kendall Jenner has begun a romance with 76ers point guard and definite rookie Ben Simmons. The only reaction to have when Simmons allegedly broke up with his former girlfriend for doing “Kardashian sh*t”, is this:

At least Simmons is dating by far the hottest Kardashian. Also, Brett Brown will stay in Philadelphia for three more years! This is how I imagined Colangelo offering Brown the extension.

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