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Satirical Saturdays: What the Sports named best blog ever

Get pumped for some satire!

You read that right! In the first “Satirical Saturdays” series, I would like to point out the amount of correctness and hyperbole in the headline. Also, it’s been quite the week for satire, so let’s take a look at these completely true headlines from around the world of sports.

The first full “Satirical Saturdays” piece will come next week.

Real News


  • Denver Broncos hire former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie as analytics consultant to reportedly “blow this sh*t up”
  • Celtics’ Greg Monroe asks to not play during games where team no longer has chance of winning.
  • Arsenal content with Europa League play “for next 20 years” with new managerial hire.
  • NBA journalist promoted to Editor-in-Chief for “innovative thinking” after voting for Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard for the All-NBA Third Team.
  • Red Sox’s Hanley Ramirez reportedly “straight chillin” despite demotion.
  • Ovechkin mistakenly flies back to Russia “out of habit” after Capitals win Game 7.
  • Kyler Remington IV “hyped” to bring his spoons and twigs to NCAA lacrosse championships.
  • Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp regrets starting trash can in goal in Champions League final against Real Madrid.



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