The series ends tonight if the Celtics win

The future of the East will be very green after tonight.

This game is everything for the Celtics tonight. I don’t care that we got our doors blown off in Game 3, we all knew that eventually Cleveland would show some semblance of a good basketball team. But moving on from that disaster, the Celtics have everything on the line tonight. It took LeBron (not Ty Lue) five days to work on a game plan to beat these Celtics.

Well, I’m confident that two days is more than enough time for Brad Stevens to scheme against the Cavaliers.

It’s hard to argue that if the Celtics go up 3-1, with two of the next three potential games being played in Boston, where they haven’t lost in the postseason, then it is all but certain that they win this series. I mean, imagine LeBron coming back from 3-1? That’s basically impossible! If a team were to lose a series after holding that kind of lead, that would be one of the most embarrassing sports moments of all time.

But all Warriors slander aside, there’s something even more important on the line tonight for the Celtics. Without being dramatic or exaggerating, the Celtics could secure a decade of Eastern Conference domination tonight.

If Boston wins tonight, and then remains undefeated at the Garden, tonight could be LeBron’s final home game in Cleveland. Not making the Finals for the first time in eight years definitely could piss LeBron off enough to move out to LA or Houston. If LeBron moves out of the East, he’ll leave a huge void in his place.

There’s a team that wears green that has been patiently waiting for LeBron’s departure from the East. They have been stockpiling young talent, and their investment is starting to pay off. And no, it’s not those bums from Philly.

The core group of Irving, Tatum and Brown could play together for the next 10 years barring financial problems or inevitable NBA drama. That’s a group that is poised to to dominate the Eastern Conference year after year. So yeah, this is a very important game for the Cavaliers, as they hope to stay alive and extend the series.

But for Boston, there’s a dynasty at stake tonight.

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