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Two Full Days Without Basketball…Now What?

The NBA decided to deprive us of NBA basketball for two long days. We have some ideas of how to fill your time.

Disclaimer: You should probably take everything I say with a grain of salt the size of the Mongolia because I predicted the Cavs would make pretty quick work of the Celtics (yikes), and the Warriors would sweep the Rockets (super yikes). But, that won’t stop me in the slightest from speaking my mind as if I am smarter than you, because, well, I am.

While we may not have smarts in common, what we do share is a passion for the NBA Playoffs. Yet, even with our unbridled love of this hardwood spectacle, the devious and conniving Adam Silver has decided to deprive of us of the exciting and petty drama until Saturday. We have to go TWO FULL DAYS without a game because apparently it takes three days to get from Boston to Cleveland. What are we supposed to do for these two days other than stare at a ceiling and curse the name of one Mr. Silver? I have an idea (or four).

Pick a World Cup Team

We are officially under a month away from the 2018 World Cup beginning, and in case you have been living under a rock, the Ivory Coast will not be participating. So, you’ll need to pick a team to root for, and while you could go with a heavyweight like Germany or Spain, you should try to pick this year’s Iceland, a cinderella everyone can get behind. The options are plentiful, so pick however you decide to do so and start pretending like you understand soccer!

Send an Angry Letter to the MLB

My favorite league is doing everything they can to make them not my favorite league. As detailed on the Impractical Sports Podcast, the NBA is taking off because of how they market players. Conversely, the MLB does not understand what the word “market,” and a lot of other things, means. Just this past week, they sent warning letters to Willson Contreras for wearing his country’s sleeve on his arm, Ben Zobrist for wearing black cleats and Mike Clevinger for drawing a cool design on his shoes. Personal expression and relatability, MLB. Look it up.

Have a Good Laugh

Hey! Yeah, you! Are you an MLB fan of a team that is not super annoying? No? Well I dislike you then. But, if you are one of us, a rational-minded, fun-loving, good-looking fan of a team that does not resemble the Yankees, let’s all make fun of a few other teams. The Cubs, fifth highest payroll in the MLB, are fourth in their division. The Dodgers, third in payroll, are last in their division. And the Mets, who have a pretty high salary but mainly just have insufferable fans, are in fourth. YAY! (This gif is you and me laughing at these teams).


Watch the NBA Combine??

Admittedly, I am searching here. This is not the best. The only times in my life I have sat through this is the LeBron in Miami years. If you fall into the category where the biggest day of your season is the draft, this may be for you. It is time for you to see who has been grossly lying about their height, and who you will think is the next LeBron because they can run between cones kinda fast. Enjoy your overreactions. But most importantly, don’t freak out because we are not that far from more of the NBA Playoffs. Deep breaths, everyone. Just two days. (This will be us waiting in the meantime.)


1 comment on “Two Full Days Without Basketball…Now What?

  1. warningtrack

    Thanks for these helpful tips, especially the suggestion to take deep breaths. I am doing just that until LeBron starts kicking some Boston butt!

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