Cavaliers drop Game 2 of Eastern Conference Finals to Boston, 107-94

In other news, the world stopped turning on its axis, pigs were seen achieving flight, and hell is just a bit colder than in previous seasons.

LeBron James had a terrible performance in the first game of this series, scoring just 15 points on 5-16 shooting. Understandably, the Cavaliers were eviscerated by Boston by a score of 108-83.

But Tuesday was different. LeBron was grinding the entire game, putting together a vintage stat line of 42/12/10. His first quarter was especially ridiculous, scoring 21 points on 8-13 shooting to put Cleveland ahead.

The Cavaliers held a 27-23 lead after 12 minutes, and after a strong second quarter the team was up by seven points heading into the halftime break.

This was it. This was going to be the straw that broke the Celtics’ backs. The series would be tied 1-1, heading back to Cleveland to give the Cavs home-court advantage for the remainder of the series.

But everyone surrounding LeBron completely fell apart in the third quarter. Boston outscored Cleveland by 14 in those 12 fateful minutes, and the fourth proved to be more of the same.

So now the Celtics are up 2-0 in the series and the Cavaliers are dead, right?


You’d probably think that if you’ve never watched basketball before, but LeBron James, regardless of the team he was on and the players around him, has made seven straight NBA Finals. SEVEN STRAIGHT NBA FINALS.


And just because he’s down 2-0, everyone is ready to just say the Cavs are dead? Crown the Boston Celtics the Eastern Conference Champions and send them on their way to face Golden State?

I’m sorry, but if you think the Celtics are winning this series you are out of your mind. There’s a therapist’s office with a room reserved in your name, because your thoughts present a danger to society at large.

Remember when the Indiana Pacers, of all teams, were supposed to be the ones to stop LeBron’s reign of terror and fury in the East? I remember.

Remember when the Atlanta Hawks won 60 games and preached “team basketball” as a way to stop James’ Cavaliers? I remember.

Remember when the Toronto Raptors got the No. 1 seed and were swept by the Cavs? I hope you remember that, because it was only a week ago.

The Cavaliers are winning this series, and if you don’t agree then there’s the door. Cavs in 6, tell your friends.

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