I think LeBron is going to drop 100 points tonight

On Sunday, the Cavaliers were obliterated by the Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Although LeBron still stole the show by summoning his photographic memory in the postgame presser, he wasn’t that great on the court.

By that, I mean he only dropped 15-9-7, a respectable statline for any player who isn’t LeBron and isn’t playing with four other guys who may not be able to run the court at the local YMCA.

So, today it looks like James was on the court getting some work in about 10 hours before tip-off for Game 2, and that can only mean one thing: This man is dropping 100 points tonight.

This isn’t me being biased or a LeBron “stan”, it’s just the facts. His team was embarrassed on Sunday, he didn’t play all that well in the game, and another one of his matching suit ideas went to waste.

We know LeBron is always someone who comes back strong after a rough game, and playoff LeBron has essentially been like Thanos: murdering everyone with the snap of his fingers. (I’m sorry if you haven’t seen the movie yet but it’s been almost a month so it’s more your fault than mine at this point).

It’s really only logical that he drops 100 tonight. He’s basically done everything else on the basketball court and if the Cavs want to score triple digits I think LeBron is essentially going to have to count for at least 90 percent of it. Kevin Love, the other so called “All-Star” on the team, is only good for a few threes, some rebounds and being the guy that LeBron can yell at when something goes wrong.

If the best player in the world is out on the court putting up a sweat before J.R. Smith even “hits the green” for the first time today (weird for him to golf on game days but whatever works), you know nothing is stopping him tonight.

If I’m Marcus Morris, I’m probably pulling trigger in the locker room before the game and calling out sick. No way I’m going from the guy who said he could shut down LeBron and sort of did, to the guy who let him put up 100 points in the ECF.  


1 comment on “I think LeBron is going to drop 100 points tonight

  1. warningtrack

    WOOOO! 100 points! I am ready! Thank you Ryan.

    Liked by 1 person

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