Celtics/Cavs game 1 reaction

Breaking down the Mother's Day Massacre

Alright people, let’s talk about game one of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The Boston Celtics annihilated the Cleveland Cavaliers. They decimated them. They outplayed, out-hustled, out-coached, outthought and out-and-out dominated them. I’m sure there are other words I missed but I’m just too lazy to find a thesaurus. Now you may ask, “Ben, are you biased towards the Celtics?” I don’t know, why don’t you ask my Larry Bird jersey and massive superiority complex.


Yes, I am a Celtics fan, but it is not biased to say the Celtics were on another level than the Cavaliers on Sunday afternoon. This isn’t last year when a group of ragtag, overachieving Celtics stole a game from the Cavaliers. This was a game where a team full of rising superstars, coached by someone who I think may actually be a god, came out and killed a team that looked like they just didn’t belong. Unlike last year, the Celtics looked and played like they were the team with home-court advantage.


When Marcus Morris said he was a “LeBron stopper,” I got nervous. Then the Celtics held him to 15 points. Now, all the credit can’t go to Morris, but the rotating cast of characters on LeBron were superb. There were multiple times where LeBron got stopped on a play he’s used to making, and then missed the ensuing fast break for the Celtics to complain to the ref in the backcourt. The Celtics made LeBron look whiny, which admittedly is not hard. But, to make him look pedestrian is incredible, and that’s what they did.


Much of that credit goes to Brad “Boy Genius” Stevens. Earlier this year, Stevens said his goals for the 2017-18 season were to win a NBA championship and to finally shave for the first time (okay maybe he didn’t say that). Regardless, he is making believers out of Celtics fans who thought the season was over at least five times this year.


I know this is only one game, and if there are two fan bases I trust to not freak out it’s Boston and Cleveland. That being said, based on how this game went and all the rumors flying around, Cavs fans may want to stock up on lighter fluid for the coming offseason.         


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