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The five best What the Sports articles

Celebrate our first birthday with some reminiscence.

Happy Anniversary to us! After a full year of blogging, podcasting and hilarious memes going viral on Twitter, What the Sports has shown tremendous growth. On behalf of the other two co-founders, Ryan Homler and Noah Gross, I would like to thank every reader and fan of the blog, it really has meant a lot to have you along the way.

To celebrate the year that’s been, here’s a countdown of my favorite articles published over the past year.

No. 5: Five sports moments to rewatch before the end of the world


It seems like there’s an “end-of-the-world” date to be wary of every year now, so it’s important to keep these sports moments in mind before, well, you know, everyone dies. I still can’t wrap my head around how the penultimate sports moment mentioned in the article even happened.

No. 4: NFL Playoffs: Tinder edition

Andy Reid
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This one was more than an article, and got perhaps the most traction on our Instagram page (plug, follow us @wtsports_) as it was a great multi-dimensional way to preview the NFL playoffs. The decision to “swipe right” on Philadelphia proved to be quite a smart one.

No. 3: The best of the rest cup

Gareth Bale

With the impending 2018 World Cup just weeks away now, seeing major countries like the United States, Italy, Chile and Holland all miss out was…Sad! Thankfully we’ve constructed a hypothetical “NIT Tournament” for these teams to compete in for you to enjoy. Fun fact: weeks after the publishing of this article, reports came out that U.S. Soccer officials wanted to host a similar-styled tournament. Coincidence? I think not!

No. 2: The song that describes every NHL teams season so far


This idea was hands-down brilliant, even inspiring me to write a similar one with a twist of its own. Don’t forget to download the Spotify playlist that accompanies, it’s got some bangers!

No. 1 Who the WTS crew is riding with for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl provided another classic sporting event where all of Philadelphia got belligerent on Broad Street afterwards in jubilation. But before that happened, we had a lot of fun putting this article together with everyone on staff, there are some funny reasons for victory in here. We hope to bring you more content like this in the coming future.



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