Reactionary Ratings: MLB Offseason Moves

We are just over a month into the 2018 MLB season. This early into the season, there’s nothing better to do than be completely reactionary and grade some of the offseason’s biggest moves. There is still a small sample size for these players, but when grading trades and signings just a few weeks into the season, that doesn’t matter.

Jake Arrieta: Cubs –> Phillies (Free Agent), B

It took Jake Arrieta almost forever to sign with the Phillies (March 11 to be exact) and so far, he’s looked solid in his first few outings. In five starts, he’s 3-1 with a 3.49 ERA, 1.66 WHIP, and a 6.4 K/9. While those numbers aren’t great compared to Arrieta’s Cy Young season back in 2015, it’s a solid start for his time in Philly.

Gerrit Cole: Pirates –> Astros (Trade), A+

As a Pirates fan, it stings to see Gerrit Cole doing so well. He looks as good as ever, with a 2-1 record in six starts, a 1.73 ERA and a 0.79 WHIP. The best part of Cole’s game this year has been his strikeout pitching. He’s had over 10 strikeouts in four of his six outings and has a ridiculous 13.2 K/9. I’m definitely not bitter that the Pirates turned Cole into Colin Moran and Joe Musgrove…

Yu Darvish: Dodgers –> Cubs (Free Agent), D+

After an abysmal world series outing, Yu Darvish ended his short stint with the Dodgers and signed with the Cubbies. He’s pitched six times and has easily seen better days. Darvish hasn’t registered a win yet, has an ERA just north of 6.00, and a WHIP above 1.50. The Cubs faithful have to be hoping Darvish starts pitching like he did down in Texas.

Corey Dickerson: Rays –> Pirates (Trade), A

Despite being an all-star last year, Corey Dickerson being traded wasn’t a big headline. With the way Dickerson has been playing this year, expect him to be an all-star again. Dickerson has been the spark plug of a streaky Pirates offense and has vastly improved the middle of the order. Us Pirates fans are thrilled that the Rays wanted our scraps for a .320 AVG, 4 HR, and 20 RBI left fielder.

Dee Gordon: Marlins –> Mariners (Trade), A

The Marlins blew things up in the offseason, and one of the casualties was speedy base-stealing second baseman-turned-center fielder Dee Gordon. Dee’s been doing exactly what you’d expect of him, as he’s batting well above .330 and leads the league in steals. In his first year in the outfield and in the American League, Gordon is looking like an all-star again.

Eric Hosmer: Royals –> Padres (Free Agent), C+

The 2015 World Champion Royals roster continued to disintegrate in the offseason, as this time first baseman Eric Hosmer took his talents out to San Diego. So far, things could be going a lot better for Hosmer, as well as the struggling Padres. Hosmer has a very solid .303 batting average, but his 3 home runs and 8 RBIs aren’t cutting it right now. Not to mention, he made one of the worst plays of the season.

Evan Longoria: Rays –> Giants (Trade), B-

It’s an even year, so the Giants are going to contend for the World Series. To help bolster their potential title run, they acquired Rays third baseman, Evan Longoria. While Longoria is clearly past his prime, he’s still been a solid bat for the Giants. His .243 average isn’t great, but his 6 home runs, 14 total extra-base hits, and 16 RBIs are solid for what he’s been recently.

JD Martinez: Diamondbacks –> Red Sox (Free Agent), A

After absolutely destroying the second half of the season with the Diamondbacks, JD Martinez joined Mookie Betts and the Red Sox. So far, Martinez is off to a red-hot start. He has a batting average of .343, with an on-base percentage of .392 and his OPS (on-base + slugging) is killing it at .984. JD’s 6 home runs and 24 RBIs are pretty good too.

Andrew McCutchen: Pirates –> Giants (Trade), D+

Andrew McCutchen will forever be my favorite baseball player, and I will not tolerate Cutch slander of any kind. However, he’s been pretty bad this year. Apart from one game against the Dodgers where he had five hits and a walk-off home run, Cutch has been a shell of his former MVP self. His .221 average is the lowest of his career, and his 3 home runs and 13 RBIs are lacking given what he used to do.

Shohei Ohtani: Japan –> Angels (Free Agent), A+

I don’t care what the stats say, Shohei is the greatest player of all time. He can pitch and hit, and he’s been solid at both. While his ERA doesn’t look great at over 4.40, his 1.10 WHIP and his outing against the A’s are the proof that he’s legit on the mound. He’s not too shabby of a batter either, as he’s hitting above .300, and has crushed 4 home runs and driven in 12 runs.

Marcell Ozuna: Marlins –> Cardinals (Trade), D+

After having a fantastic 2017 season, Marcell Ozuna has failed to live up to expectations in St. Louis thus far. His average has dropped from .312 down to .243, and while he has driven in a solid 17 RBIs, only having 2 home runs isn’t great. Perhaps the biggest knock on Ozuna’s season thus far has been his OBP, which is a measly .261.

Giancarlo Stanton: Marlins –> Yankees (Trade), C

If a pitcher likes getting strikeouts, he better hope he gets to pitch against Giancarlo. The reigning NL MVP-turned-Yank has struck out over 45 times this year and is struggling. His average is down from .281 to .240, and while 7 home runs and 19 RBIs would be solid for someone else, they pale in comparison to his 59 home runs and 132 RBIs from last year.

Christian Yelich: Marlins –> Brewers (Trade), B-

The final player that was booted from the Marlins is outfielder Christian Yelich. While an early injury sidelined him for the start of the season, he has looked pretty solid in his 20 appearances. His average isn’t great, but .282 is still very solid. Yelich has never been a huge home run hitter, so seeing him only hit 3 isn’t out of the ordinary, and his 10 RBIs should only be climbing as the season goes on.

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