Top five most underrated FIFA 18 players

A quick run-down of FIFA's biggest blunders for this year's game

Anyone who plays FIFA knows the struggle of playing against “sweaty” players; players like Ahmed Musa, who outplay Cristiano Ronaldo in-game based purely on pace. They are the players that make you regret being born or cause people to break TVs and Xbox controllers.

On top of FIFA creating these overperforming, sweaty cards, they also struggle with underrating genuinely talented players in the game. The players scoring fantastic goals, making key defensive plays, but are still somehow rated a 75 overall.

There’s always a few players that go above and beyond their initial FIFA ratings for the year, and these breakout stars are enjoying terrific seasons. Let’s look at the five most underrated players in FIFA 18.

1) Mohamed Salah

salah card

Courtesy of: Kieron SFF

This world-class winger has been underrated in basically every game and conversation ever. He should already be on the 2018 Ballon D’or shortlist, and a solid World Cup performance on top of a UEFA Champions League Final appearance could maybe swing the award his way. Yet, his base card is the same overall as Henrikh Mkhitaryan. C’mon EA Sports.

2) Raheem Sterling

sterling card.jpg

Courtesy of:

We’re sticking with the Premier League here; Raheem Sterling is definitely overpowered in FIFA, but his overall rating does not reflect his goal output in reality. He has 74 shot and is a mere 84 overall. Even though he misses a good amount of shots, he is still fourth in the Premier League goal leaderboard. Sterling is having a fantastic year, and that deserves to be reflected in his FIFA card.

3) Alisson

alisson card

Courtesy of:

For those who don’t know, Alisson is the keeper for AS Roma, a team about to lose to Liverpool in the semifinals of the Champions League. Currently, however, Roma has not given up a goal at home throughout the duration of this year’s European tournament, making Alisson’s common 80 overall FIFA card dreadfully underrated. He is a great Brazilian keeper being scouted by multiple large clubs, including Liverpool and Real Madrid, this upcoming offseason.

4) Mauro Icardi

icardi card

Courtesy of: The Express

Although his life choices can be deemed somewhat questionable, no one can dispute how talented this Argentinian striker is. He has scored 88 goals over the past four seasons and is being scouted by huge clubs all over the world, including Real Madrid. Think about that; he could be the next Galactico, yet he is an 84 overall in FIFA. EA, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

5) Joshua Kimmich

kimmich card

Courtesy of: The Sun

Time for a defender on this list. Joshua Kimmich is the poor guy that had to fill the shoes of all-time great defender Philipp Lahm, and it seems as if he has been up to the task. This season, he has scored 5 goals and assisted on 17 more, including a key goal in the UCL semi-final first leg match against Real Madrid. Despite these amazing statistics for a fullback, he is rated a mere 84 overall. His statistics are in-line of any of the best right backs in the world currently, and this is a clear oversight by EA.

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