Markelle Fultz breaks Joel Embiid’s face, Sixers playoff-win chances

More minutes for Richaun Holmes!

Picture courtesy of the Associated Press.

In his second game back from the weirdest injury/confidence problem in recent NBA folklore, Markelle Fultz inadvertently “broke” Joel Embiid’s face in a term only every Sam Hinkie disciple would call “fate”.

Now, I’m not here to give the optimism that Embiid will be back some point in the second round of the playoffs or anything like that. While it would be cool to see masked-Embiid, I’m on the side that there’s not a real chance that Philadelphia can win the first round playoff series without him. So, the Sixers’ season is effectively over.

The Sixers struggle mightily without Embiid on the court, as he provides the finishing touches offensively and anchors the defense. Just look at this smart tweet:

Simply put, Embiid makes the Sixers good. Without him, the Sixers are kind of trash.

I don’t want to jump off the page as a non-process-truster, but man…Joel, you’re breaking my heart here, bro. Every time the Sixers get close to sniffing sustained seasonal success, this happens. Last January, when the Sixers won a bunch of games during Embiid’s Rookie of the Year campaign, his season ended. This season, unexpectedly vying to host a playoff series and getting close to a 50-win season had me feeling the highest of highs., Yet again, it’s all crumbling right before my eyes.

What next? The 76ers will keep getting closer to the Finals before Embiid keeps getting injured? Predictions for the next two seasons: Embiid will lead the Sixers to the conference finals next year before bowing out, then the following year he’ll get injured Game 6 of the Finals.

Honestly though, this is one of the worst things that can happen to a fan. It’s like seeing the preview for an insanely cool movie, but then the film tears its ACL before hitting the theaters. The potential is there, but we never get to see what the full body of work would look like.

Whatever, we weren’t going to win anyways. The Warriors will be healthy again soon and LeBron is committing first degree murder on the court every night. Like I’ve said too many times before, there’s always next year.

Trust the Process.

Also, let’s try not to get injured.

1 comment on “Markelle Fultz breaks Joel Embiid’s face, Sixers playoff-win chances

  1. Pat Brown

    Trust the process!


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