Love/Hate: NL West

"(Love me, hate me) Yeahh, say what you want about me" - Britney Spears

It’s the last one, you know the drill by now.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Thing to Love: Archie Bradley

“Remember that time I pitched horrible but then hit a triple, AWESOME.”

He throws gas, he hits triples and he has that beard that makes people weak in the knees. I am convinced that beard holds ancient secrets of human nature. Or maybe it just holds old Cheeto crumbs. Either way, it’s magnificent.

Thing to Hate: Jerseys


They took the weird snakeskin pattern off the ankles and caps which is good. Despite that improvement, these still look like the jerseys that a 12-year-old rave planner would give his Diamond Dynasty team in MLB the Show. For the love of god just go back to the green and purple vest jerseys, because those were fresh.

Colorado Rockies

Thing to Love: Nolan Arenado

It’s hard to look tough in baby blue, but he pulls it off.

This guy is electric on all levels. He is the best defensive third baseman in baseball, a great hitter and he has a flair for the dramatic. Remember how he hit a walk-off homer to finish the cycle? That was awesome. Sure,  then he cut himself celebrating which was less awesome but he looked cool so I’m still chalking it up as a win.

Thing to Hate: Adam Ottavino

Ugh, millennials.

A pitcher wearing a single digit number is weird, but I can deal with it. A pitcher wearing 0 is stupid and I hate it. Especially for a guy with a career ERA just under 4. If you’re going to be that weird, be good. Otherwise, just wear a normal number.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Thing to Love: Yasiel Puig

No one show this to his bats, they will feel very cheated on.

He hits dingers, throws darts and seems like a very weird but very fun dude. I’ve gone back and forth on him for a while, but he always seems like he’s just having fun, so I am all aboard the Puig train this season.

Thing to Hate: Chase Utley

The face of a man who wouldn’t even have a catch with Mac, jerk.

To be honest, I feel bad for beating up so much on Philadelphia stuff. To be even more honest, I don’t. He played in Philadelphia so that’s not great. Then there’s the whole issue of him being a dirty, leg-breaking player. Tack on the fact that he can’t really play anymore and you’ve got yourself an A+ hateable guy

San Diego Padres

Thing to Love: Manuel Margot

When you play for the Padres, you gotta learn to laugh it off.

Margot is young, fast and has shown flashes of power. He came to San Diego from the Red Sox in the Craig Kimbrel trade, and it seems to be working out for both sides. The Red Sox got “Gas Masterson” and the Padres got a center fielder of the future who doesn’t have a great nickname yet.

Thing to Hate: Jerseys

*No picture as a formal protest to get the gold back*

I know I already hated the Diamondbacks jerseys, but what the Padres did is unforgivable. For years, they have worn the boring navy blue and white jerseys. Then for 2016, they added splashes of gold to the uniforms and hats and looked amazing. Then for 2017, THEY WENT BACK TO THE BORING JERSEYS. Everyone and their mother said that the gold looked good, but they ditched it for no reason. A team with as good a uniform tradition as the Padres should be ashamed of the look they are trotting out now.

San Francisco Giants

Thing to Love: Roster

“Wait, what year is it?”

In the rotation, they’ve got Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, Madison Bumgarner and Derek Holland. In the lineup they’ve got Buster Posey, Andrew McCutchen, Evan Longoria, Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence and Austin Jackson. With that kind of talent this team is a shoo-in to win the 2013 World Series.

Thing to Hate: Prospects


Their farm system is pretty terrible. They had one top 100 prospect and they traded him for Evan Longoria in a move that doesn’t really make sense for a team that looks to be in desperate need of a rebuild. They’re not good, and help doesn’t look like it’s on the way.  

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  1. warningtrack

    Love this! LOL. Good stuff. Welcome back baseball!!!


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