Love/hate: NL East

I'm just a love (and hate) machine

It’s time to take my emotional extremism to the senior circuit. With four days to go until opening day, I’m kicking the baseball talk into high gear on all fronts. So, it’s time to move to the NL and get some love and hate flowing.

Atlanta Braves

Thing to Love: Ronald Acuna

Acuna.gif’s number two prospect in baseball looks like the real deal. He jumped from single-A to triple-A in one year, and didn’t struggle at all. He hit .325 with 21 homers and 44 steals combined last year as a 19-year-old. Also, how many guys named Ronald are around anymore?

Thing to Hate: Waffle House

Braves waffles.jpg

The Braves have a Waffle House in their stadium. Now I love waffles, and I am also a fan of houses, but a Waffle House in a ballpark feels wrong. Waffle Houses are for 1 am breakfasts, not snacks at a game.

New York Mets

Thing to Love: Noah Syndergaard


Thor rocks. He throws gas, has beautiful flowing locks and he has a strong twitter game. I don’t have a lot of concrete stuff on him, but anyone who throws a 95 mph slider is okay in my book.

Thing to Hate: Tim Tebow

Tebow sux.gif

Many readers may love him, but it’s my blog so those readers can shut up. I was sick of hearing about him as a bad NFL quarterback and I am even sicker of hearing about him as a terrible pro baseball player. I would be very happy if he went back to being an analyst on SEC Network or, even better, if he just went away entirely.

Miami Marlins

Thing to Love: Home run statue

Marlins statue.gif

There is nothing about this team to love. They’re not young or good enough to be exciting. They’re not old or bad enough to be depressingly hilarious. They just are just there. So love that big weird thing in left-centerfield, because there is pretty much nothing else to like about this team. Sorry Marlins fans.

Thing to Hate: Derek Jeter

Jeter idiot.jpg

I’ve always hated Derek Jeter. I think he’s overrated and annoying. If you want more to hate than that, he also disassembled one of the most exciting young outfields in baseball, trading all three guys for way below their market values. It was dumb and, even worse, it made the Yankees better.

Philadelphia Phillies

Thing to Love: Rhys Hoskins


This dude hit 18 homers in 170 at-bats. I’d say he’s the bright spot across the entirety of the Philadelphia sports landscape. Nothing more exciting than his performance and potential has happened in the last year. Nothing.

Thing to Hate: The fans

He's a bum.gif

Do I have a great leg to stand on as a Boston fan? Not really. But do we throw batteries at JD Drew? Not to my knowledge. So I think we can all agree Philadelphia fans are mean and frightening.

Washington Nationals

Thing to Love: Trea Turner

Turner throw.gif

I love fast guys. Guys like Turner who make people say “wow” just by running the bases. He also hits okay and fields very well, but his speed puts me all aboard the Trea Train.

Thing to Hate: Bryce Harper

Harper Charge.gif

Harper is so good. He can do everything and he does everything so well. He plays hard and takes no prisoners, which I like. But the grumpy old man in me hates the hair-tossing and the bat-flipping. Normally I like charging the mound, but the helmet throw is a weak move, especially when you mess it up as bad as Harper. Also, as I said of Manny Machado, hating future Yankees in advance is always a safe policy.



1 comment on “Love/hate: NL East

  1. warningtrack

    This is a very fun read. LOL. I will be watching for the weak-move-helmet-toss and that thing in the Marlins’ outfield. And will also try to keep track of whether Noah Syndergaard has cut his flow or is letting it flow.


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