Love/Hate: AL West

Can you feel the hate tonight?

I’m getting so excited for baseball season I’m having trouble focusing on other stuff. I’m barely doing homework, I don’t sleep anymore and I still haven’t seen Black Panther. Now, it’s time to deal with the only two emotions I know from March to October: love and hate. Today, I’m talking about the AL West.


Houston Astros

Thing to Love: Most of the players


Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and George Springer are all electric players. Alex Bregman and Marwin Gonzalez are not as consistent, but they have shown flashes of greatness. Their pitching staff is filthy, with McCullers, Keuchel, Verlander and now Gerrit Cole.


Thing to Hate: No weaknesses

Astros Celly.gif

While their talent makes them incredibly good and fun to watch, most people (myself included) are not Astros fans. They are the best team in baseball, and in my eyes, it’s not close. It feels like the rest of the AL is playing for second, which kind of takes the shine of baseball season.


Los Angeles Angels

Thing to Love: Mike Trout


Shohei Otani has great potential, Albert Pujols is a hall of famer, and Andrelton Simmons is one of the best defensive players ever, but if I’m watching an Angels game, I’m watching for Trout. This dude does everything: hit, run, field and sell Subway sandwiches. Hopefully they can make a jump to the next level so we can finally see Trout in the playoffs.


Thing to Hate: Mike Scioscia

Mike-Scioscia stupid.gif

I hate this guy. He is the worst over-manager in baseball. He plays small ball when he doesn’t have to, which annoys me; but the worst thing is that he controls everything with the pitching: pitch calls, time holding the ball for the pitcher, pickoffs, EVERYTHING. A game he manages is five infuriating hours long all because Mike Scioscia “Super Genius” can’t let his players just play the game.


Oakland Athletics

Thing to Love: Names


This team is chock full of guys with ballplayer’s names. Ryan Butcher, Jed Lowrie, Khris Davis, and many more. They also have some unique names like Ryan Dull, who is competing with Chicago’s Aaron Bummer for AL name of the year. The A’s also have Boog Powell whose name is just awesome and Josh Phegley, who’s name I just like to say.


Thing to Hate: Rotation

A's pitcher.jpg

Kendall Graveman is their number one starter. He has a career ERA of 4.11. That’s bad, but do you know what’s even worse? He’s the best in their rotation. Their rotation is depressingly bad. They’re young, which makes it a bit better, but none of them show that much promise. The A’s don’t have the offense to make up for a staff like this, so look for all eight people at A’s games to go home unhappy.

Seattle Mariners

Thing to Love: Ichiro’s back


Everyone loves Ichiro. Everyone. I hate most players who aren’t on the Red Sox, but I’ve always loved Ichiro. Seeing him back in a Mariners uniform just feels right. He’s not what he once was – he’s not even that good anymore – but seeing him back in Seattle should put a smile on everyone’s face.


Thing to Hate: Robinson Cano

Cano out.jpg

Stupid Robinson Cano. Just because he’s bigger and stronger and has a higher career average and more home runs and RBIs than Dustin Pedroia everybody says that Cano is the better second baseman. How dare they? Dustin Pedroia has it all over Cano. He has a lower center of gravity, he is better at cursing in english and he is beating Cano 65-0 in games as teammates with Nick Punto. This may seem like a personal vendetta, but I firmly believe that everyone needs to get behind this cause. If you want something else, I guess you can hate that the Mariners serve bugs.


Texas Rangers

Thing to Love: Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus


They are a solid left side of the infield, but they are the greatest comedy team in baseball history. When Beltre is in the Hall of Fame, I hope his plaque has Elvis Andrus’ hand reaching in from the side to touch his head.


Thing to Hate: Tim Lincecum


I am by no means saying I hate “Big Time” Timmy Jim. As a small kid who just wanted to throw gas, I looked up tho the “Freak” as my childhood hero. But I am confident that it’s just going to be sad to watch him be broken down and terrible with the Rangers. I wish he had just faded away or maybe dominated an independent league. Seeing him get shelled and then released in June is going to break my little heart.



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