Love/hate: AL Central

Love is in the air...and so is hate.

After telling you a couple days ago what to love and hate about the AL East, I’m back, this time to talk about the AL Central. This division has one of the best teams in baseball, and also, and this is a little known fact, four other Major League Baseball teams. No matter how mediocre the division, I have promised to give you a thing to love and a thing to hate about each MLB team, so here we go.

Chicago White Sox

Thing to Love: Prospects


Eloy Jimenez and Yoan Moncada have the tools to be superstars. Michael Kopech throws absolute gas and sometimes fights people. They may not be much fun to watch now, but could be in a year or two.

Thing to Hate: Pitching Staff


Their number one starter is James Shields. He’s a great guy to start your season, provided that your season is taking place in 2011. Last year Shields went 6-19 with a 5.85 ERA. The saddest part is he’s a pretty logical choice to start opening day. So they’ve got that going for them.

Cleveland Indians

Thing to Love: Most things

Lindor dance.gif

Francisco Lindor. The Klubot. Andrew “Filthmonster” Miller. Even Michael Brantley and Jose Ramirez can get people excited. This team has tons of fun players to watch, and they are led by Terry Francona, one of the most lovable managers in baseball history. I hate to say this (partly, but not entirely, because of Noah Gross) but I kinda love the Indians.

Thing to Hate: Edwin Encarnacion’s stupid parrot thing when he hits a home run


Just run the bases you dork. When you hit one to the moon, you don’t need to take your home run trot looking like an action figure whose arm got stuck.

Detroit Tigers

Thing to Love: Jose Iglesias

Iglesias throw.gif

This dude is constantly doing filthy stuff on defense. He’s also started to hit a little bit, but as long as he keeps making ridiculous plays, then I don’t care if he hits .150.  

Thing to Hate: No more Jim Leyland

Leyland dance.gif

I know it’s been a few years, but I’m still not over it. It helps that they have business-casual Santa Claus Ron Gardenhire as manager and the GOAT of arguing Lloyd McClendon as hitting coach, but no one can ever replace that 80-pound, 110-year-old, beautifully-mustached baseball genius.

Kansas City Royals

Thing to Love: Salvador Perez

Salvy throw.gif

He hit 27 home runs last year, which is very good for a catcher. More importantly, he plays unbelievable defense behind the plate. He is an elite framer and throws people out from his knees. If you like good catching defense, just watch Salvy and thank me later.

Thing to Hate: Wasted potential

Cain running.gif

After winning the 2015 World Series with a young, team-controlled core, the Royals looked set up to dominate the AL for years. Instead, the core has either faded or left Kansas City, and the Royals haven’t made the playoffs or finished above third since their championship. Come on guys.

Minnesota Twins

Thing to Love: Byron Buxton


Miguel Sano and Brian Dozier rake, and Joe Mauer is still ok but Buxton is next-level electrifying. He can fly on the basepaths, and played Gold Glove defense, by making tons of highlight-reel plays. I love watching this guy, and if you don’t, there’s a high percentage chance I hate you.

Thing to Hate: Bullpen

Rodney dance.gif

Fernando Rodney is their closer. The 41-year-old, 4.23-ERA-having, incredibly-over-the-hill Fernando Rodney. To be honest, I don’t know much about this team, and I couldn’t think of a super hateable thing, so I just chose a glaring weakness. If you’re a fan of the Twins, you’ll probably hate this bullpen; if you’re just a baseball fan, you probably just don’t care or may be depressed by it. I’ll do better with other teams, I promise.






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