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A-Z of excitement for baseball

Baseball season is nearly upon us and Noah Gross is here to alphabetically explain why you should be excited.

So, I am hype. Jacked. Eager. Thrilled. All of the synonyms for excited. I just can’t wait. We are about a week away from a day that is STILL SOMEHOW NOT CONSIDERED A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. Watch this video, and let me know how the start of this should not be considered a national holiday.

I feel like I do not even have to keep writing and that video should hype you up enough. But, write I will. For the love of baseball. Did I mention I am excited? I am so excited in fact, that I want, no NEED you to be equally as excited. To accomplish this, I have compiled a list of reasons why you should be as hype as me. The list happens to be in alphabetical order.

A – Animals – Whether it is a bat dog or rally squirrel, baseball has some great animals.

B – Bunts – Not a huge fan of you old-fashion, analytics-hating, small-ball loving old people, but I figured I’d give you one letter. Enjoy your bunts.

C – Cheddar – Every year it seems there are more and more guys out of the pen throwing absolute missiles. Expect more heat in 2018.

D – Debate – Embrace debate! There will be plenty this year with storylines out the wazoo.

E – Evil Empire – As much as we are all going to hate the Yankees this year, they are going to be must-see TV.

F – Free Agency 2019 – Get ready to hear about this one every time the Nationals or Orioles lose a game. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado will headline an epic class.

G Greatness – By this I obviously mean Mike Trout. Do yourself a favor, skip work or class sometimes to stay up and watch the late Angels games to see Trout. All-timer, folks.

H – Hostility – I miss the days when the Red Sox and Yankees hated each other. This year there are some really great teams in the AL with some big names, which may lead to some smack talk and hostility.

I Ichiro is home – Talk about feel good stories. A great guy returns to his home where he used to hit everything in sight.

J – Jose and Judge – Altuve and Aaron. Wow. Both of their names start with ‘A’ and ‘J’. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe we can get another picture of them together and the two-foot height difference.

K – Kid in all of us – Nothing better than seeing grown men act like a kid on Christmas morning when their team wins in epic fashion.

L – Leaping grabs – I love me some defensive highlights. Cue the gif!giphy.gif

M – Memes – All in favor of more memes in the Bigs say I…seems unanimous.

N – NL East – Literally every team has a juicy storyline. Can Nats get over the hump? (no). Will Mets have any semblance of health? Am I as smart as I think with my Phillies wild card choice? When will the Braves bring up star prospects? Just how unbelievably atrocious can the Marlins be?

O – Ohtani – You knew this was coming, right? If he is good at pitching AND hitting, he may actually be the face of baseball.

P – Puig – Please, please please do not hold back Puig at all, Dodgers. Let me see rookie Yasiel and I will be very happy.

Q – Quizzical looks at Chris Sale for the movement on his slider – It is a real thing, y’all. #Time4aGif.

giphy-downsized-large (3).gif

R – Rule Changes – Who knows how this is going to go at all? Better question: Who loves chaos? Chaos will ensue.

S – Smiles – Whoever is smiling is happy, and whoever sees the smile is happy. Especially if the smile is from this guy, legitimately the best grin to ever exist. Mr Smile.jpg

T – Tight races – Some divisions look to be all but over already, but there will be stress down the stretch for many fan bases. Should be fun.

U – Uniform watch – There are always some cool looking ones. And then ones like this: Dodger Blues

V – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – This kid is absolutely electric. It also helps that his dad is a hall-of-famer.

W – Walk-up songs – Walk-offs would have been good too, but as any ball player knows, choosing a walk-up song can be more stressful than a playoff game.

X – xFIP – Prepare yourself for more stats that you have no idea what they mean. (Yes I know what they mean, I just assume I am smarter than the reader).

Y – Yawkey – This may be the year the Red Sox rename Yawkey Way surrounding the racist comments of Mr. Yawkey. Let’s hope.

Z – Zone Enjoy it everyone. This may be one of the last few years where the strike zone is going to be up to the discretion of a human. Robots are coming to take over, but at least we have baseball now!

2 comments on “A-Z of excitement for baseball

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  2. warningtrack

    hype. jacked. eager. thrilled. Me too!


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