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Flashback Friday: Top five sports comedies

These movies will make you laugh every time.

With two sports movies nominated for this year’s Academy Awards this Sunday, I noticed both were not comedies, nor has a sports comedy really ever been successful in the theatres. Sure, Margot Robbie’s “I, Tonya” and Kobe Bryant’s “Dear Basketball” were deserving. But, why doesn’t the comedic world of sports cinema ever get any love?

There’s something about real-life sports that can be so absurd that it makes you laugh. Whether it’s “Shaqtin’ A Fool” or SportsNation’s top “Jeers” of the day, awful plays can always give you some comic relief.

However, it’s the fictitious comedic world of Hollywood that holds a dear place in the hearts of both sports and non-sports lovers alike. Here are some totally objective picks for the Will Ferrell-heavy best comedic sports movies of all time that everyone agrees with.

Honorable Mentions: Semi-Pro & Talladega Nights

These two are absolute classics and should arguably crack the top-five all time, but guess what – this list is actually completely subjective! Ha!

Blades of Glory

Napoleon Dynamite, Jackie Moon and Pam Beasley, sign me up! Plus, one of the all-time best musical samples comes from this movie.

 Kicking and Screaming

As a soccer fanatic, including this one is a must. Using all the stereotypes like “Pass it to the Italians” throughout my soccer-playing career makes this a memorable movie for my entire generation. Oh, and the coach has got some pretty dirty tricks up his sleeve. Maybe he should’ve been the leading the USMNT to World Cup qualification (shoutout Ryan).

Adam Sandler Trio: Happy Gilmore/Waterboy/Longest Yard

Ranking this trio of Sandler sports comedies can be difficult, but Waterboy has to come last for me. Longest Yard and Happy Gilmore are just way too funny, and I’m not a huge fan when Sandler uses his Waterboy-voice all the time. Whether it was the pick up basketball game in prison full of fouling or the one-on-one golf shootout, tougher Sandler was just cooler.


No sports movie has as many memorable scenes as this masterpiece where some A-list actors like Ben Stiller and typecast Jason Bateman were actually funny for a change. While Fran Stalinovskovichdavidocihcsky stole the show with her beautiful smile, it was the color commentating from ESPN the Ocho’s Pepper Brooks that provided all the laughs.

The Comebacks

There is no explanation of why I laugh so hard at this movie every time I watch it. I always know what’s coming, whether it’s Trotter showing off his bling or the quarterback learning not to fumble as much, I laugh every time. But I especially laugh at the misfortune of Aceal Teare’s improbable injury:

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