What to Expect at the 2018 NFL Combine

The NFL Combine brings something new and different every year here are some things you can expect this year.

It is that time of year folks, the NFL Draft is fast approaching.This is the week where unknown prospects show NFL teams just how valuable they are. While you can count on some outstanding performances, there are a few other things you can expect as well.

Rich Eisen Runs A Faster 40

NFL Network host Rich Eisen decided thirteen years ago he wanted to showcase his speed and athleticism by running the 40-yard-dash, while also running for a more important cause, combating childhood cancer. Eisen has improved significantly since his first time of 6.77 seconds. At the 2016 NFL Combine, Eisen managed to run under six seconds, something no one thought he could ever achieve. In fairness, he is running in a full suit, a tie and dress shoes, not the best attire to sprint in.

You read it here first, Rich Eisen will run his fastest time ever at the 2018 NFL Combine. Not only will it be his best time, but it will be a better time than at least one prospect. Defensive and offensive linemen are not usually known for their speed, so I believe Eisen will narrowly edge out at least one of them finishing in 5.9 seconds.

Another Clothing Malfunction

The 40-yard-dash is going to be a common theme at this years combine. When watching the combine, one of the last things you expect to see is a wardrobe malfunction. Chris Jones, the defensive tackle for the Chiefs learned the hard way just how brutal running a 40 yard dash can be. We won’t tell you what exactly happened, but just know it was not a pretty sight to see.

However, are your pants falling when running a 40-yard-dash really a bad thing? The only reason your clothes would fall off is because you are running so hard. That is exactly what NFL teams want to see when deciding whether a player is worthy of being drafted.

Discovering a Small School Athletic Freak

Every year at the NFL Combine, there is always one player who comes out of the clouds and showcases their insane athleticism. At the 2015 Combine Byron Jones from UCONN did exactly that when he broad-jumped 12 feet-3 inches, the best by any player since 2003. Jones was not highly touted entering the combine, but with his insane performance, he made sure to change that.

Obi Melifonwu, another UCONN player, showcased his insane athletic ability at the 2017 combine. He had a vertical of 44 inches, the highest of any prospect at the combine last season. Safe to say on a jump ball, no receiver will be able to outjump Melifonwu.

While the next athletic freak may not be from UCONN, expect there to be at least one if not more at the 2018 combine.


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