Live Blog: WOJ BOMB Scale

Follow along for live updates to the WOJ Bomb scale.

Adrian Wojnarowski breaks the biggest NBA stories on a regualr basis. When che delivers the news it is called a “Woj Bomb” and for the trade deadline WTS is going to grade each of the trades he breaks.

Woj Bomb Scale: 8/10

Cavs keep the Brooklyn pick and get rid of Isaiah Thomas who has been terrible for locker room. Nance Jr. is also son of Cavs legend Larry Nance.

IT is clearly taking the trade news well.

Woj Bomb Scale: 0.5/10

This trade doesn’t move the needle for either team, but the rebuilding Grizzlies get another pick.

Woj Bomb Scale: 9.5/10

10/10 deals are only reserved for superstars so this trade is just below that. This is shocking a huge because Cavs appeared done and out of assets after Lakers trade. Cavs are not losing LeBron James without a fight.

Update 10/10

Cavs are going crazy and completely reshaping their roster with defensive players. All pieces besides Brooklyn pick are gone. Cavs also taking on money which is good sign for LeBron.

Update 11/10

Cavs are getting young and athletic as they reshape roster. DWade goes home and can retire into the sunset in South Beach.

Woj Bomb Scale: 2/10

No big names are in this trade, but the Knicks do get a young guard with upside. Dallas opens up more cap spac….yawn.

Woj Bomb Scale 2/10

Another salary dump.

Woj Bomb Scale: 2/10

Another point guard that cannot shoot is moved for a second round pick. Magic and Knicks both moving on from bust point guard picks.


1 comment on “Live Blog: WOJ BOMB Scale

  1. warningtrack

    Wow. You were fast on the draw with that one but WOJ ISN’T FINISHED! Cavs just made more changes.


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