Dissecting​ the 2018 Celebrity All-Star Game

The 2018 Celebrity All-Star game lineup was announced today, and to say they’re balanced is a lie. While the basketball skills of many of the celebs is unknown, the only way to judge the rosters is based off the fame of the teams.

While the Lakers team is carried by Caleb McLaughlin and Nick Cannon, the Clippers have a strong core consisting of Miles Brown, Brandon Armstrong (aka BDotADot5), Anthony Anderson, Jamie Foxx, Bubba Watson and Common. Despite having limited knowledge about the quality of basketball skill, I’m going to try and highlight each team’s key players.


Caleb McLaughlin: This 16-year-old actor rose to fame because of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, and despite him playing in last years Celebrity game, the only basketball footage I could find of him was this clip of him dribbling. He showed off decent handles, so expect him to possibly break some ankles on the court.

Nick Cannon: After doing my research, I found that Nick Cannon uploaded a three minute video about him not even playing basketball. After watching it, I’d say Nick Cannon is about as good as Iman Shumpert, so expect him to probably be the worst player on the court.

Drew Scott: He’s one half of HGTV’s Property Brothers (I can’t tell which one is which, so no clue which one he is), and he might be an x-factor for the Lakers. Expect this year’s celebrity game to become a dunk contest, as Drew Scott has ups and can do a very basic dunk. Something I bet nobody else on his team can do.


Brandon Armstrong: Do I need to even explain this one? He’s famous for making basketball-related YouTube videos. He played college basketball before playing professionally in the D-League and in Spain. I think it’s fairly certain that a former professional basketball player will dominate this game. It will be fun to see if he plays like LeBron James, Steph Curry or James Harden in this game.

Andre De Grasse: Not only do the Clippers have a former professional athlete, they also have an Olympic medalist. Andre De Grasse won a silver medal and two bronze medals at Rio 2016 for the Canadian track team. I couldn’t find any footage of him playing basketball, but after watching him run 100 meters in less than 9.7 seconds, it’s no doubt he’ll be a problem on fast breaks.

Bubba Watson: Don’t let this country-boy golfer fool you. Bubba’s got game. In 2009, he uploaded a video to YouTube which showed that he is a complete offensive scoring machine. He shows off a dunk, free throw and three-pointer all while calling out Shaq in the process. With this being a celebrity game, don’t expect a lot of defense to be played, which will only benefit Bubba.


In the past, celebrity games are usually low scoring, close games, but with the abundance of talent on the Clippers roster expect this to be a blowout. I’m going to take a complete guess and say 85-60 Clippers, with Brandon Armstrong taking home his second straight MVP honors.

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