Who the WTS crew is riding with for the Super Bowl

See who all the WTS members are picking to win the big game.

Today is the day we have all been waiting for. After 20 plus weeks of unpredictable twists and turns, we have finally made it to February 4: the day Justin Timberlake performs at halftime.

Okay fine, the Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots is also going on today and I thought it’d be interesting to see who our WTS team is going with in the big game.

The Picks

Adam Dreyfuss: Patriots over Eagles 31-27

Reason: “Philadelphia has let former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie rise to a god-like figure in their sports world. So, the Eagles are going to ‘Trust the Process’ in this game in order to secure a better pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

It seems as if fellow WTS member Kevin Brown is well on his way to brainwashing the entire staff until the only words everyone knows are, “Trust the Process”.

Adam Mizrahi: Patriots over Eagles 28-13

Reason: “As a Giants fan, it would hurt less if the Patriots won because we already beat them twice.”

A Giants fan finding a way to plug how they beat the Patriots years ago, I’m so shocked.

Alden Newman: Patriots over Eagles 31-17

Reason: “If Nick Foles beats Tom Brady the universe just may collapse.”

I don’t know how much Alden knows about Astrology but I kind of believe him here.

Alex Murphy: Eagles over Patriots 27-20

Reason: Just wants to see how quick the city of Philadelphia will get burned down.

Solid reasoning here. It is important to add that Alex believes the city will be burnt to the ground win or lose.

Ben Fischer: Patriots over Eagles 55-3

Reason: The Patriots have Tom Brady and the Eagles do not.

Can you tell that Ben is a Patriots fan?

Bryan Jones: Eagles over Patriots 17-14

Reason: Alshon Jeffery predicted a Super Bowl win last year. Also, it is the 10-year anniversary of David Tyree’s miracle catch therefore it will play out the same way.

If this game is anything like the one in 2007, I am all for it.

Dom Googs (I am not attempting to spell his last name): Eagles over Patriots 31-23

Reason: Nick Foles (who he gave a nickname to that I cannot put on here) will light it up with four touchdowns.

It’s always good to dream.

Griffin Dunn: Patriots over Eagles 30-17.

Reason: “Tom Brady didn’t get a sixth finger surgically added before the Jags game for nothing.”

Well at least he can continue to fit all of his rings on one hand now.

Jacob Steinberg: Eagles over Patriots 27-24

Reason: If Lane Johnson wins he has to buy the entire city of Philly beers.

I would think the thought of having to spend $1 million dollars on beer would be a reason Johnson would not want to win this game, but then again Philadelphia is an extremely weird place.

Josh Coggins: Eagles over Patriots 28-24.

Reason: The Eagles have Napoleon Dynamite, who learned everything he knew from the best quarterback of all time, Uncle Rico.

You really thought we’d go a whole article without making a Napoleon Dynamite joke?

Nicholas Albicocco: Patriots over Eagles 20-0

Reason: Pats find a way to deflate the balls the Eagles use on offense.

The first words Nicholas has said to me in months have impressed me greatly.

Noah Gross: Eagles over Patriots 45-44 in six OT’s

Reason: Game is tied 2-2 after regulation and remains tied after a bunch of OT’s before they adopt college football rules and start scoring non-stop. Eagles go for two and win it in the sixth overtime.

More of a play-by-play of the game than a reason, but okay.

Sean Mahoney: Patriots over Eagles 35-31.

Reason: Patriots storm back from being down 31-0 because Tom Brady was just planning his celebration in the first half.

Bonus: Sean predicts two wardrobe malfunctions from Justin Timberlake and now I am really scared to watch the halftime performance.

Sean Montiel: Patriots over Eagles 24-7

Reason: Nick Foles

Can’t hate that analysis.

Zach Solon: Giants win 3-0

Reason: As a Giants fan, will not root for the Eagles or Patriots.

I respect the loyalty, but I am going to go out on a limb here and guarantee Zach’s prediction is the least likely to come true.

Kevin Brown: Patriots over Eagles 23-13

Reason: Bill Belichick sends Chris Hogan out with a lacrosse stick to play WR, Hogan of course wins MVP of the Super Bowl.

At least he didn’t say anything about trusting the process.

My prediction: The winner is the memes

Reason: This is also the Super Bowl for WTS twitter and oh boy do we need some viral material.


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